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Hi! the same error happened on my pc. I am using google chrome. Btw love all the work you do so gotta try this! xD

Thanks a lot! Actually I can´t believe i picked the correct one lmao

I am a bit lost there, and english not being my first langugage doesn´t help too much xD

This project is AMAZING guys! Really appreciate the work that you are doing. Btw will there finally be a Torahiko route? 

Hi, is this going to be updated in the future?

If you want the bad ending you have to tease and fuck the warriors some times before defeating Rhousk.

There is a skip button dude hahaha

is there a way to use my save file from the previous build?

yes, a big part of the cg is male x male

I got orlando second one saving him with his password, then not spying him that day. After you two talk on the vault, hoss appeared and orlando asks if u want to do something (not gonna spoil xD). I dont know what of the others choice matter to get it, i clicked on cherry pie, air element, cooked with him instead of sal...

the page doesnt show up anymore :(

The demo ends after the test or am i missing any answer?

How do I get the Lost acolyte mission?

is the game going to get any uploads? :(

I can´t pass the battle vs it, that monster always paralyzes me with its scream and then i just cant move until i die, any hint? xD

The story is truly amazing. One of the most interesting and well developed Visual Novels on Wow. I have only one suggestion: What do you think of including a gallery option to see the images that we get to see on the story?

Is there a way to tease scar?

Which monster drops the green essence? Love the game btw

Best game of this type! Cant wait for new updates.

Does the game include NSFW cgs?

Loving the game, can´t wait for the next updates.

Hi, this game looks amazing! Btw is there any link to the guides mentioned?

Yeah sorry I mean the next updates. Sorry, not english haha.

Does the game include NSFW content?

Hi, does the game include NSFW cgs?

can´t wait for the uploads!

I love the game! I think is the best adult game i have played and can´t wait for the updates. Gonna support in Patreon when i get some money. Btw, will more hot CGs beadded?

Hi, loving the game and waiting for the next updates! Btw, if u are interested in making a spanish version I can translate it for free just bcs of how good it is :)

What does this new patch include? Love the game Btw.

Hi, I´m loving the story of the game. Does the game include CGs of the `hot´ scenes?

Hi, this game looks so good! Does the actual version ends before starting the trial or I am just choosing wrong options?