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Best game of this type! Cant wait for new updates.

Does the game include NSFW cgs?

Loving the game, can´t wait for the next updates.

Hi, this game looks amazing! Btw is there any link to the guides mentioned?

Yeah sorry I mean the next updates. Sorry, not english haha.

Does the game include NSFW content?

Hi, does the game include NSFW cgs?

can´t wait for the uploads!

I love the game! I think is the best adult game i have played and can´t wait for the updates. Gonna support in Patreon when i get some money. Btw, will more hot CGs beadded?

Hi, loving the game and waiting for the next updates! Btw, if u are interested in making a spanish version I can translate it for free just bcs of how good it is :)

What does this new patch include? Love the game Btw.

Hi, I´m loving the story of the game. Does the game include CGs of the `hot´ scenes?

Hi, this game looks so good! Does the actual version ends before starting the trial or I am just choosing wrong options?