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Pablo Spada

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Thanks for your feedback and we love that you are enjoying the game :) Definetely if we had some time, jump polish would be one of our priorities, I totally agree with your point 1, would have made a more confident and fast pacing ^^

I really enjoyed the last bullet mechanics, congratulations! ^^ Was really satisfying to do that jump and the moment when I realised I could use the shoots in that way. Also liked the art style

Highlight when my last bullet moved an enemy out of my way HAH it was funny :)

Great job, my favourite of the jam for the moment

I like it overall, but some sections felt impossible for me hah these guys distroyed me when coming in groups of 4 from below

I did notice at the end yeah, and I think it's a cool way to show it to the player, but maybe some sparkling effect or something that makes the player click there when something is obtained should get better results. Yeah, the dash was a huge change. That feeling was only the first minutes, before I got it

Hey, liked the art style and the alchemy theme integrated in the gameplay. I think adding some anticipation clues to the spikes falling from the rooftop would be nice, to avoid unfair unexpected hits and maybe avoiding that grinding objective and make the goal different

Enjoyed it overall. Cognratulations on the solo dev project ^^

We are happy to hear that you enjoyed the game ^^ Thanks for your feedback Dan!

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Hi! I enjoyed the game mood and aesthetic. Also had fun with the different enemies and metroidvania elements.

Even if I enjoyed it, I would maybe add some movement speed to the character, making it easier to navigate through the levels, and also adding some notifications with the controls for the different skills you unlock.

Great job and congratulations for the solodev project ^^

I actually played it in google chrome and worked perfectly

Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate it! We are already fixing some of these issues, so stay tuned :)

I specially enjoyed the drawing. Really stylish game

Coool stuff. Interesting windows idea, and I loved the fireplace as a present pipe

I enjoyed it a lot. It got me totally captured for half and hour until I finished it. Congratulations!

Liked the cold and freezing atmosphere achieved with the mask in the camera and the chilly fogs

I loved the atmosphere you created. Congrats

I enjoyed it a lot. Beautiful art direction and interesting way to tell the story.

Hi! I enjoyed the game, specially the little details like the way you teach controls to the player, the child lower camera position and  the "cover your eyes" mechanic to change dimensions. Good job guys!

Thanks! Since it was part of a jam we couldn't polish things a lot, but your feedback is appreciated. Also fixing some minor bugs will improve the experience :)