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Hmm, me neither. Looks like I can't direct message you a download link on Itch. Jump in the Space Ace discord or shoot me a message on twitter @P0rthos47 and I'll send it that way. :)

Sorry for the hassle.

I wish it could be included automatically but Lulu doesn’t do that. However, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll shoot you the PDF if you order the game in print. =)

This is good, really good. Well done!

Thanks so much! Your games look great too! I need build an all in one PDF. It’s on the list I promise. Sometime soon. One day maybe even a zine... :D

This episode of Stargate is hands down my favorite ever. Want to try to recreate that feel.

Also adding Space Aces: Star Skirmishes to that list for a little tactical game complete with minis.

And we will have to chat about the mirrorverse idea. I’m thinking “it’s fun to be bad” mission generator and goals with a “bad guy” meter mechanic... but am open to ideas. 😁

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My favorite part of Space Aces is that it's fun to add expansion modules since every module fits on a business card. So far... this is the list I have. And it's growing daily ha. Let me know if you have any ideas!

Hyperspace Hubris (space travel encounter and sector crawl generator)
That One Where... (B-Plot Generator)
The Trouble With Stasis Pods (starter scenario)
Stellar Colossus (Mega Ship threat contributed by DiscoSoup)
Spacecar 500 (spaceship racing!)
Mirror Universe (it's fun to be the bad guy and wear a goatee, also 1's are good & 20's are bad)
Lazerball (like sports but with lasers)
Galaxy Food Truckers (get a good review on Space Yelp)
Starbase Epsilon (base builder)

*Names are subject to change.

These are fantastic and I love every letter of them.

Fantastic! And yes, the heat track fills up very quickly the bigger the team. Tends to make for hilarious breakdowns of plans as things go awry. Spontaneous combustion is not uncommon when rolling a natural 1 and a Cost at heat level 20. :D

Thanks so much! Funnily enough, I was just working on clarifying the Heat / Complication issue today. I just uploaded a slightly reworked core rule card just now with some more clear language surrounding that and other things. Let me know if it helps at all.

This looks incredible. Can’t wait to dive into it!

Aww, so happy to hear that! It’s a vector PDF, so it can be printed at almost any size you want! Just scale up the size in printer settings when you go to print it. When playing from home I usually print it at index card sized for my crew too.

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Thanks a ton for looking it over and greatly appreciate the review!

Threat level goes up every time a complication is rolled. Higher threat level gives the GM permission to make bigger complications. So rolling a complication when threat level is 1 will be minor compared to rolling a complication at threat level 20. Kind of represents stress and frustration in a mission.

I couldn’t fit the DCs in front page.  😖

I agree on the tables. By and large I left them very high level archetypes as a personal challenge to keep it relatively setting agnostic and just provide a hard edge to crystallize an idea on. Since there was limited space I had to go high level instead of specific. Might go in and make them a little more specific now though  

As to Oracle yeah i can make it a little clearer probably. Good eye.

I’ll have to have an instruction card or something explaining all the modules and how they can work together once the system is done. I really appreciate the feedback!

I've got plans to create a Hex Crawl Planetary Generator module. As well as a simple Settlement Generator mini-game module that works like a The Quiet Year Lite hack and fits entirely on a business card.

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Yeah that's a good point. I should organize a little more clearly, I've just been releasing small modules as I go and all of them are optional except for the Core game. I've gone in and numbered them more clearly though. All that is actually needed is the Core game card. The others are just on an "as needed / as wanted" basis.

Let me know if that helps at all, or if I missed the point... and thanks for checking it out!

wow this looks amazing and heart warming. Can’t wait to give it a try!

Escape Velocity!?! That was my jam. Sold!

So wonderfully fun and wacky. Took a crew of absolute beginners through a mission and they had an absoutely fantastic time. My only complaint is that we need moar adventures! Wen Dead Halt adventure zine?