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It's a great game very original and the fact the light from those triangles are remaining while someone (a previous you) is still on it is a great and original concept! I love it!

I'm sorry It took so long to post a comment after downloading your game, but I was so into it that I wanted to finish it before posting anything. I really loved the fast action combat system and the music was so epic I was really into it. there's a minor bug where you throw you hammer but not at the dong at the start and it allows you to move and kill enemies before the game started but, minor bug so it doesn't care. It's amazing that you managed to do it in 48hours only! Anyway, Great game I really loved it 

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A really original and creative puzzle game. It mixes a bit of thinking and skill to finish it but a huge well done to the creator for this masterpiece! Anyway in my opinion it totally worthes all 5 stars ! (Am I the first one to have finished it btw?)

Perfect game

Some minor graphic bugs but it's in early acces

Well Done FireGreeks