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Hello, can you help me with some sound effects for my game? My discord username and tag is johnP#2156

Your advice was really helpful. Its my first game and im really glad that people like it and encourage me to make more. About the cursor bug, for some reason the cursor sprite doesn't show up in my assets and i cant fix it. About the second bug this shouldn't happen if you hold q or if the timer in the center of your screen doesnt run out. 

NIce. Btw i played your game and i loved it! keep up the great work :)

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~ Note ~

for some reason my cursor sprite not in my assets, maybe it got deleted somehow, so i cant fix the cursor bug.  :(

Also, remember to HOLD Q and CLICK to shoot!!!

Unfortunatly, I cant play your game because its only availiable for windows and i have a mac. :(

Thank you for reviewing my game! It actually made me really happy because i never thought my game would be good enough to be in a youtube video, especially if this is the first completed game I've made. I used premade assets because im terrible at art. I'm trying to improve my art skills to have original game sprites but i still have a long way to go... Thanks again for reviewing my game, it really means a lot to me.! :) 

really nice and simple puzzle game. I loved it. You have completed almost all of the aspects correctly! If you want to try my game too, here's the link:

Excellent game, i loved it. How do you come up with all these cool ideas! If you want to play my game, here's the link:

Nice game, nice graphics and sounds! However it was quit confusing but overall its a good game. If you want to check out my game here's the link:

Sure! In many of the comments I hear it’s a little hard so maybe I could add something like checkpoint or lives! 

I tried the Mac version  by running a special command line because normal file wouldn’t open. I know not many people leave feedback on Mac and that’s very unfortunate. 

that’s weird you can normally die if you fall off a platform or touch a pumpkin or ghost 

Could you export it for mac?

We used the same tileset lol

Lol, i played your game before i saw the comment. So i accidentaly left you the link to my game lmao.

Nice game! suits everything nicely. if you want to play my game here's the link:

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very nice game, i rly loved it. It suits all aspects perfectly, well done! If you want to check out my game here's the link: :). It's my first game too.

nice game but it doesnt suit the theme

Nice game, but there are no sound effects or music. Also it doesnt fit the theme well. It was a nice game overall but you could do better!

Thank you for your comment and advise. I’ll try fixing the cursor! Unfortunately I can’t play your game because it is not exported for Mac. If you are going to export it for Mac too please let me know!

Its my first jam too but here are some tips to find a good game idea:

1. scroll through random halloween assets

2. scroll through random halloween games (i dont put a link to my own because its forbidden )

3. draw random sketches on a piece of paper until you  get a good idea

let me know if those tips helped you :)

Also, could you tell me the bugs you experienced?

Can  you publish it for Mac too so I can play it?

Is there any way I can see and play other people's games? I would really like to see their creative ideas!

Thank you for your advise and for playing my game! Its a game made in 5 days for a jam so i didnt have time to fix bugs. Thanks for letting me know, i'll try to fix them the soonest possible!

Hey, its my first jam too! What i did for the jam is collecting or making assets about halloween and when the theme was released i chose the ones i rly needed and made a game, like that i saved much time... or maybe too much cause my project is already sumbited.

I will try exporting it as html5 and as a downloadable file in case someone has a problem playing it on their browser

I love this pack but unfortunately it doesn't suit my game, but i would defenetly recomend it!

its my first jam too!


Do i need to export as html5?