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Folks, epic game and I am pumped to see more coming, soon?? :D

Yea honestly wasn't a fan of the survival thing at first because it required a MASSIVE shift in brain pattern. Lots of trial and error which I didn't like.

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Had fun with the DLC too ;) Enjoyed both of them, looking forward to releasing the Demon Girl in the main story ;)

Oh, I mentioned it in another thread but will put it here as well (probably where it should go anyway): I honestly did not like the survival game at all:
1) Even though I'd already crafted a ladder (from the blacksmith) I wasn't able to use it.
2) It required a massive shift in brain pattern and lots of trial by death.

I DO like that for the picture puzzle you have a skip button, can I please request we get a skip for this as well? For those that are keen on it, go for it, otherwise skip :)

I have really enjoyed the combat and finding the best way to use the simple but effective mechanics. Just the right amount IMHO. 

Hmm that said, I never used any potions.... For me I was always able to stay pretty healthy with the healing cards.  Be nice if we could craft some poisons to use and maybe have different beasts require different weapons? The Golumn had Damage Reduction 0.7, maybe you could apply that to some others but specific to the sword or bow?

I ended up just maxing out the bow and ranged combat.

Just played through the game this weekend. Loved it now there is more content :) Really looking forward to the completed game.

Really loving this game and the story. Looking forward to more.

OK just spend the last 30mins giggling whilst flying around and have some feedback.

1. Would like to see some variation on speed with altitude. This goes well with your whole 'accuracy' model as your ground speed increases whilst maintaining similar airspeed at higher altitude.
This then allows us to speed up and cruise to our destination and then slow down and descend for deliveries.

1a just thinking too, that maybe speed is linked to aircraft type and as you get more points you get better planes and can travel further :D

2. It's very hard to currently gauge when to release the package. Combination of speed and camera angle I assume.
Flip side of this was me almost jumping out of my seat when I got a 2km drop distance ;)

3. City lights at night (IMHO) are too bright or perhaps the light points are too large. This is more obvious is remote areas where there are fewer lights but they have the same brightness as the city.

Looking forward to the next video!

Absolutely ENTRANCED by these videos! Please keep going! <3

Same. My daughter adores this game.

My daughter is constantly asking me when more levels are coming out for the "Giant Finding Game", so obviously we'd love to see more of this :D

Love how it uses my second monitor for the PLATCam :D

But it does not run in windowed mode even when I tell it to.

Trying to set it up with my controllers and finding it impossible as it thinks that one of the buttons is constantly pressed. Would be nice if you could add a reset mappings switch.

Nice. Looking forward to trying this out this weekend.