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This was amazing! It felt so focused and concise with a really fun mechanic!

Looking at the dice rolling is super cool! Not sure how to interact with anything else but its a cool project nonetheless!

This was awesome! I liked how the difficulty scaled as a result of how well I was doing. The art was simple and communicated enemies, room layouts, and UI pretty well!

Yeah I like the idea of a game over screen with your score on it! We wanted to do something like that but we we're too tired by the end of the jam. If we revisted this project that's definitely on the list of things to add!

Oh no! I know UE5 is just kinda big and we also didn't optimize things too much so maybe that was the issue. I'll have to do some digging on UE5 minimum system requirements and see what we can do to make sure everyone can play our projects in the future! (or at least tell them if there are min sys reqs)

Thank you! I think the Cast is something leftover from the ghosts and having them follow the player. We tried to add a system to having numbers popup when the ghosts took damage but we scrapped it in order to make the deadline. I also would've definitely liked to make a health system just so the player had some feedback for when they were attacked.

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We definitely used this game to test out a bunch of different techniques in UE5 so we'll definitely look at integrating them all better in our next project. Also I built at 3am after downloading the newest version of Visual Studio 2022 so when I saw that the print strings kept showing up I just resigned myself to make sure the project was submitted.

That was my favorite part of testing it too XD

Thank you! The gray screen was supposed to play an intro cinematic from NeoRose but I think something got lost when we built.

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Thank you! Sorry about the bugs but we've released a new version since the jam! We wanted the slot mechanic with the different spell elements to be the "out of control" element of the game.

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A big thanks from the artists! We've released a new version of the game with improvements if you'd like to check it out again! We tried to fit the theme by having the elements you are able to shoot be "out of control."

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Oh no! That sucks about the pins spawning.  We've released an updated version of the game since the initial jam! We applied the theme by having the spells you get roll randomly so that element of the game was "out of control."