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I've looked into the problem and it seems that the virus alert is false positive, erroneously triggered for some Unity games. Unfortunately, this is something out of my control, and the only thing I can advise is marking the alerts as false positives when they appear.

As for the process sitting there and doing nothing, I suspect it might be related to the previous problem - the antivirus might be disabling some game files, making it behave in strange ways. It might not though - I was unable to replicate the error on any device currently available to me, so I will be looking into it further.

Sorry that I cannot be more helpful that that. I will try producing some sort of a fix for both of these problems ASAP.

Thanks for the notice, I will look into it.

Thank you for the reviews. Yeah, I thought about replacing the typing with more traditional controls, but, unfortunately, didn't have enough time. Well, learned not to include the mechanic in my future games, so that's good.

Huge thanks for the video and the review! I'm glad you liked the look of the Sungleams, I tried to make them pretty :)
Also, the game has already received an update, and more will come in the future, so don't hesitate to check back in a couple of weeks, if you thought the game was worth your while. (Devlog with update news is here:

Cheers from Ozol Games!

Fleeting World - a city-building game where the landscape around you is constantly changing.

The game places you in a world with uncaring and everchanging gods, in which landscape is constantly shifting. The gods demand tribute for such insolence as being permanent (how could you, really), and if you are here to stay, you must abide. Build your settlement, collect resources and offer them to the gods, or be swept away by the evermore rapid changes.

Witness impermanence.

Get the game here:

The game will receive at least a couple update in the somewhat nearest future. These will include multiple language support and new content at the very least.