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Neil was in the final Steam Release version, this page has been left to commemorate the original version!

All the music is listed in the games credits!

It does not!

Thank you so much for playing!!

Not really much difference at all! The game is pretty graphically intensive so it chugs on less powerful computers.

You have to use left and right click depending on if Spray or Snap are on screen. You can also use the left and right arrows if that is easier.

Thanks for finding a fix, I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful! I'm glad you've enjoyed the game though!

Hmmm... Might be worth doing a full reinstall of the game, making sure no files are left to cause a bug. I've never seen this before!

Did it run properly beforehand?

You might need to reduce your quality settings in the options menu, the game is very processor intensive!

I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah sadly we don't support a Linux version of the game, and I don't think we ever will.

Unfortunately no! Mobiles don't really have the processing and graphics power to handle some of the more juicy effects!

Unfortunately no! We've got no plans to release a Mac version!

Unfortunately we can't launch a mac version, it's too much work to do it and it would cost money!

It's definitely not crashing! It'll be your graphics card!

This is a bug caused by some graphics cards, I'm afraid there is no fix!

Only time will tell...

Thank you for playing!

Thank you so much!

Some computers cannot run the game, unfortunately. We're not entirely sure why.

We didn't make any money from the game, we made it for fun. Haha.

Unfortunately no! We don't have the time to!

That seems very odd, it should work on most PCs!

Try turning the graphics down to their lowest settings!

I'm afraid you can't play the game in Germany because of some weird laws!


It will not be available on the German Steam Store due to rules in Germany about Adult Content. I don't know if it will ever be available on the Steam Store for Germany, unfortunately!

Wise wise words!

So we tried to make one but the can graphics were so good that my phone kept crashing...

...we might try again once the final DLC is out?

You can download it here!!!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing!!!

We're really glad you liked it! It's a shame you lost the audio for your video, we would have totally watched it!

We're really glad you enjoyed it!

Stay tuned as we're going to be releasing updates with more exciting gameplay in the next few weeks!

They're so cute together!

Yeah! We know about that bug and we're trying to fix it!

Thanks for playing, we're glad you enjoyed it!

As was intended! 💦

Thank you so much!!!

Feel The Fizz Inside You™ 💦