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Cool game, looking forward to the full release! :)

Fun game, thanks for the experience :)

Covered this game on my channel and gave some feedback if you're interested. Thanks for the experience and good luck going forward!

I had a lot of fun playing this on my channel so thanks for the opportunity. I'm looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.

Included feedback that you may find useful. Good luck with your game.

This game is so cute! I had a lot of fun in the demo. Good luck with development Eloise! :)

I actually rather enjoyed this game. I got roughed up a bit, but that's OK  :)

Had a lot of fun in From Orbit honestly. It took me a little bit to get a hang of things but I've already recorded a second episode and we get much father! :)

Had some fun running around and learning about the game in this first impressions video.

Had fun with this one although it can certainly teeter towards rage inducing at times.

Glad you liked it :)

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Did a let's play for Zoria today on my channel. Looking forward to seeing how this one develops! Looking good so far devs :)

My only complaint really so far being the amount of front loaded text but I understand why it had to be that way for the time being.

Suggestion for improvement: Having an indicator of your attack radius while moving would help a lot. Especially if it would highlight enemies that you were moving into and out of attack range of.

Played this on my channel and had some fun. Hope you all enjoy.


Played this on my channel today, looks pretty cool. 

Just wrapped up my series on surviving 500 waves on The Nuclear Production Complex map today! It starts here if you're interested:

For anyone still on the fence about playing this game, it's great. Try it! Here's my playlist if you're looking for more action:

Played this on my channel today and had fun. This game seems to have potential and I'd love to see it continue, so good luck with your campaign devs! As for feedback: I'd love it if you'd remove the space check on whether or not L-pin had space to expand and instead let him accidentally fling Edric across a room. Seems like a cheap way to add lots of extra humor as well as a potentially useful mechanic to the game.

Objective: survive 500 waves on the Nuclear Production Complex map. That's what I'm covering in the latest series, it'll be a lot of work but I think we can do it!

I have a rather large Mindustry playlist built up at this point, if you enjoy watching Mindustry or you're curious what it's all about, I invite you to watch and see.

Posted this on my channel today and had a lot of fun making it. Hoping to do more in the future. Hope you all enjoy :)
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Had a lot of fun with this one, hope you all enjoy. Thanks Dani for making this fun game available :)

Played this on my channel today, had fun, would hit cops with their own cop car again. 10/10
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Got some more Hive Time content for you all today. Thanks to Cheese for stopping by and dropping some knowledge hopefully I embarrass myself a little less this time :)

Here's my first impressions with commentary video I did for 8Doors today. i love the art style, looking forward to seeing more.

Played Onyx Clad on my channel today. Might be worth watching if you're interested in the game.

Here's first impressions, gameplay and commentary video I did on my channel for Hive Time today. Had a lot of fun, hope you all enjoy the video and a big thank you to the devs for sharing this game with us all.

This game is cute, simple to understand and fun, not much else you can ask for from a holiday themed game. Good job devs.

Got some more gameplay out, this time we're playing the chambers workshop map. It's sure to be interesting.

If you're looking for more Mindustry action, there's lots available in my playlist

As always, thanks Anuke for this awesome game :)

Here's my gameplay and commentary for Hounds Of Valor. I hope you all enjoy it and thank you to the devs for the experience.

I'll be playing a custom map for my channel next, let me know if you make something awesome :)

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Do the enemies on the left just walk around to the right? Definitely something I'd have to test, sounds awesome though.

New video up, we're playing on the Fortress map this time. I hope you all enjoy the video and there's tons more if you just can't get enough Mindustry action:

Let's break the game with a billion bots! Hope you all like today's video, there's tons more available in my playlist:

Got more gameplay for you all today, we're back in Desolate Rift and we've kicked the hornet's nest. Can we survive the onslaught? Watch and find out!

Last time I was not prepared for Desolate Rift and it wasn't pretty. This time I'm ready for my REVENGEANCE!

What a cool and creepy atmospheric game just in time for Halloween! I hope you all enjoy the gameplay.

What a neat game! I hope you all enjoy this let's play of Lawmage Academy :)

The saga continues