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If the mystery is solved, it will be announced here and on the official mystery page. For the moment it has not been so. Remember that you can also play the different free versions. The sale is mainly oriented to make the prize grow. Thank you for your interest in the game. 

Thank you very much for your collaborative attitude! I hope that at some point you will be able to investigate again. Best regards and good luck!

Yes, of course. You can find that information on the website ( Briefly said, you need to find out the password to a zip file that holds the instructions for claiming the prize. Regards!

Hi Kysaut! Looks like you're doing a good job taking the game apart! I didn't even remember that island was there. Take it as an easter egg. Haha. Good luck with your quest and thanks for playing.

Hi Jon_Dog. First of all, thank you very much for your interest in solving the mystery! Regarding what you comment, I can't give you information about the clues, but I can tell you that there are probably many that you are not seeing yet. In fact, the solution can be reached by several ways. On the other hand, one's language should not be a disadvantage in any case. Regarding the testing issue, the mystery is meant to be difficult enough to solve, so if it had been solved during beta testing the game would be pointless. What was done was to gather feedback on the solution process and there was a consensus that the mystery was coherent and solvable. Either way, I encourage you to keep digging and I'm sure you'll find new hints soon!

Hey Apokryphon! Thank you very much for playing and for your interest. Unfortunately, to keep it fair I can't make clarifications on the game's clues. But playing it again and looking in depth seems like a good option!

Thank you so much for playing! I hope you really enjoy it! I don't know where the problem with your antivirus can come from. It is simply a compressed and encrypted file. It does not contain any software inside. Anyway don't worry, you can save it without fear.

We apologize, due to an error the file was not available for download. The problem should be fixed now. Thank you very much for the warning! Regarding your question, no, nobody has solved the mystery yet!

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A place for players to discuss and co-operate to solve the mystery!