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Hope to se the new DC soon. Sad to see it dissappear. Some people are.... I have no words.. 

God luck with the new one. 

I used the quick actions bar right above the text box.

Thank's for quick replay. 

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Hmm. I hawent played long, but wanted to save. 

But my save comes up as:

Save time: NaN #__CORRUPTED_SAVE__#
Play time: NaN
Filename: save_11-52020_23-11-40_706.json

And it is not posible to Load.

If I use Esc to save it seems to work, but using the save logo on top of dialog it gets a error. 

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When talking about adding dog breeds. It would have been fun to have a Standard poodle in phantom colloring that is technically and can fix damaged electronics for example. Poodles is one if not the smartest of dog breeds. If you need a tinkerer that's is. 

He can have simple kennel utility clip / cut, it is essentially a short cut. Please google phantom poodle and look if it is something you are up for. My phantom poodle can step in as a model if you want. 

Mine poodle is always happy, inventing humorous things, and never angry. He is silly (in a fun way). 

This is just an Idea. It's your story so.. 

Very nice VN. Looking forward to continue reading. Thumbs up.

Maybe a Spoiler:
One should not beat dogs, soooo glowing undercarriage became visible :p 

I'm on android and keyboard is hidden until it have to be used. Like with MC name. So I don't think it's possible on Android cellphone, unless a physical keyboard is connected, but I don't have any.  

Thanks anyway ๐Ÿ‘

Soon I'll get a Windows Surface or a 2 in 1 pc. I want to read / play on sofa or in bed. That's not practical with a large desktop ๐Ÿ˜œ

Would be nice if it was possible to hide the textbooks if one wanted a full screen to admire the artwork.

A warning about sex scene is smart. Maybe opt for skip the sex scene or do the scene when it starts. I have seen this on other interactive VN's.

It's my pleasure to help, hope my input may help you. 

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Awww, rimming to kinky?... Well I don't think so. It is som funn with a Demon after all, who knows what to expect what a Demon does? Well You do in this case. Guess it's hard to please everyone. Just do what you think is best. It's yours fantasy story. 

Thanks for replying, really appreciate it. 

Looking forward to updates so I can continue the story. A couple of bugs don't bother me, this is like a beta test anyway. 

Btw, it's at night atm. Love from Norway. 

It is on my list. I just need a Windows Surface or some other tablet with windows. Only have portable Android atm. 

Thanks, now I really want  / have to play Nekojishi. Ooooo ๐Ÿ˜Š

Been a blast reading your story.  It's interesting, and look forward to read more. 

Do wish for NSFW scenes in MC dream about Seth, and so on. It seems like a good fantasy. 

A couple of problems tho. 

I can only read 3 lines, if there is 4 or more lines, it dissappear under the meny and behind / under the screen.

When choosing play style on the Ybox I got a error, also got a error a couple of others times also. 

Sometimes the lights are off, especially in the kitchen, I do see the artwork / pictures, but it's dark. 

I'm using Android 10 with screen resolution 2340 x 1080. 

Depends on the phone. Mine is located where the apps is, and in a folder in settings. 

Hehe. Ok. 

Hope you'd like him if you give him a try.  

Happy reading ๐Ÿ‘

Same, I also want to se a season 2,3,4,5 and so on ๐Ÿ‘

This is a wonderful story.

As I se it Zed is not a cow (female). If we look at his physiology he must be a hybrid / mix between a bull and a K9, maybe a wolf or a husky, and a body like humans. 

Zed has horn like a bull, ears like a dog with pointed ears. He have a broad snout / mussle that may be a mix between bull and K9. 

He also have a knot that will grow, just as it does with K9's. The only difference is it only grow if he gets imprinted. 

Maybe you will like him better if you think of him this way? Like he does have genes from K9 and therfore might be a wolf hybrid. 

I might be wrong of course, but it is my analysis of Zed's psychology. If we compare to known species on earth. 

No disrespect, but a cow is female and a bull is male. Both of them is cattle. 

Zed is my favourite. I do like the others quite a lot too. 

I think all can be on top. Zed, Captain Kol and Nasir is on top for shure, if you play that way. 

Not sure, but if we look at the update log. Then I will assume around the 16 each month.

Just go to your phone archive and find the Android folder and DATA then look for, then find and copy the save folder and and make a other folder you can name game savers or something. Then paste it in there. When next update, just do this in reverse. 

I had the same problem, I discovered if I push the word on top, marked as a green "no" on your keyboard, then push enter, then it worked. At least on my phone. 

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Have tried to type no. It does not help.

Edit, it finally did help typing no. I'm on android phone, and the keyboard pops up over pictures / text box, so I had to write in the blind. 

Thanks, but it vil not advance the story after, book, money and cards. Those give a this is smart or so message. But it still asks for more items to bring. 

I have tried to skip next choice, but no luck.

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What to bring to the game convention with Chester. I have tried cards, playing cards, clothing, food ++ And just getting that's obvious, and why do I need that. 

Edit: Book was a good idea, but the history it did not advance further. 


I love the VN Adastra and Human Cargo. And trying to find something similar to read / play. 

Eny ideas? 

If you want to check them out, check links. 


Human Cargo:

Thanks for the the help. 

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Just save your game save in a folder in to a other folder, delete the old game. Then move your save to the the new game save folder.

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This is a masterpiece. 

I laughed , almost cried. And can't wait to see how it unfold. Just love it. 

But I have a issue. When there is a lot of text, then the last line dissappear under the meny and screen. Have a Huawei P30 with Android 10. If it helps. Ahhh, I'll just have to get a Pad, larger screen is better anyway, then I can see the artwork better. 

This is a masterpiece.

I Laughed, almost cried. Do really wish for a longer story or a Human Cargo 2, 3, 4, 5 to infinity if possible?

Love to se how the story unfold in the back story to all the characters, wisit their home world and family if it fits their stories ond so furt when they work and are close to their home world. 

Do they meet other pirates on their journey? What about their xxx life? Basically more of the same. 

My favourite is Zed, his story moved me, and he is my dream man, if he could be real. So now I have a dream to be kidnapped by a alien and rescued by Zed and his crew / family. 

Also loved Capitan Kol. Especially the storyline with the twist, Nasir in his quarters. 

What about a VN about The Degan Paradox? I did get the e-book on Google Play and it would be much better as a VN because I lack imagination, but the story is fantastic. 

Love your work. 

I second that.

I have not been able to reed much, because all the error messages. I think the error messages appears when I should choose a reply or something. 

I have a Huawei P30 with Android 10.

Not shure but, It seems to be the same error each time. 

Hope this is OK contact you here. 

Error code:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:
TypeError: 'RevertableDict' object is not callable

-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------

Full traceback:
  File "Saturday.rpyc", line 390, in script
  File "/data/user/0/", line 1337, in execute
    renpy.exports.with_statement(trans, paired)
  File "/data/user/0/", line 1413, in with_statement
    return, paired, clear=clear)
  File "/data/user/0/", line 2193, in do_with
  File "/data/user/0/", line 2635, in interact
    repeat, rv = self.interact_core(preloads=preloads, trans_pause=trans_pause, **kwargs)
  File "/data/user/0/", line 2972, in interact_core
TypeError: 'RevertableDict' object is not callable