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Gotta make sure EVERYONE gets to experience Micah ASAP. I would have my fangirl card instantly revoked otherwise lMAO 🫡

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For those who are experiencing problems opening the game through MAC, I suggest following these steps that I used to make it work. 

- Download the base game

- Right-click on the Error143 game file that you have downloaded

- Click Show Package Contents

- Click the Contents folder

- Click the MacOS folder

- This will show you a couple of files called Error143, librenpython.dylib, python, pythonw, zsync, zsyncmake

- Notice how the librenpython.dylib file is shown as a black box with the words exec in green in it. This is how these files are supposed to look like. The other files are not correct (looks like a white page)

- To fix the other files you must open the MacBook terminal

- Type in chmod +x (make sure there is a space after the x)

- Grab the Error143 file and drag it to the MacBook terminal

- Hit enter

- The file should now turn into the black box with the green text in it. That is how you know you have done it correctly

- Repeat with the other incorrect files

-Once done, exit out and open the game up like normal. It'll take a little bit but it should open. 

Godspeed fellow MacBook users 🫡

I’ve been coming into a problem when trying to download the Mac intel build. I’ve followed the step on pdf which allow my Mac to open the game but it gets stuck on a black screen with an hourglass loading on the bottom right corner. I’ve already changed all the privacy setting on my Mac to allow downloads from unknown developers and have even looked into the MacOs file to make sure the actual game is executable. I wasn’t sure if the problem was just specifically with my Mac so I downloaded some other random games that used Unity and found no problem with them. If it helps I’m currently using the Ventura OS. 

I was wondering if someone was willing to make a video or something following the instructions on the pdf to see if I’m just making a mistake somewhere. I’m going to continue trying to make it work on my side since I’ve been waiting to play this game 😔

I am completely in love with this demo and the tidbits of Jacob lore we're getting! It's so fun seeing all the little Jacob facts from your Tumblr being used in this demo. Jacob has already shown some red flags but I can't help but wanna hold him gently in my hands 🥹

And Austin?? I wanted to fight him every single time we came across him. You wrote his character so well! I hope we get to see more of him. It also irks me (in a good way) how he seemed to know what was happening with our mail but never seemed to care much about it until he realized we were hot🗿

I can't wait for the full release!✨

I was wondering if anyone knew what’s the difference between the Patreon and Ko-fi for this game. If we subscribe to Patreon do we have access to future DLC or is that only through ko-fi? And is the Patreon a one time payment like Ko-fi or is it every month? 🤔

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I'm currently using macOS Monterey 12.3.1. I believe the latest version out right now is Monterey 12.5.1. I'm a tad bit behind on updates but not by much. 

This workaround is something that I've used for a least two years now and it's been working for me so far. There have been very few times where I had to alter this list but definitely not for this game. 

When the workaround I gave in the 1st comment doesn't seem to be working, it's because something within the MacOS file needs to be altered first before following this workaround. This can  be observed  whenever you try to open a game, it appears on the dock for like half a second before disappearing. It doesn't even bounce a few times (but of course this problem is a tad different then what I originally had here, so I’m just ranting from here on) 

I just went back and re-downloaded an old game that I recalled gave me a big headache in order to see why your game could use this more simple numbered list. As long as you guys keep on setting up the files librenpython.dylib, python, pthyonwrenpy, zsync, zsyncmake as exec files ( found within the MacOS file ) the simple workaround I gave should work ( since you guys don't have any other files tucked within the MacOS file) 

Just wanted to tell y'all since I know how finicky Mac can be! 

Hey! I just downloaded the Mac version of Dead Man's Rest and I just wanted to inform y'all that there seems to be a bit of a struggle with opening the full game on Mac. The icon appears when clicking on the game and bounces a few times on the dock before disappearing. This is a typical problem that I come across with Mac versions. Whenever this happens I've come to realize that all the files for the Mac version are there, it's just in the wrong spot. 

1. To 'fix' this what I like to do is open up the file (dead-mans-rest-mac-final) that is given when purchasing the game. 

2. Then, locate the files that say,, game, lib, and renpy (the plain blue folder, NOT the icon with the girl). Copy all 5 files. 

3. Next, hover over the renpy file (girl with the hat) and click over it with two fingers on the touchpad. Click Show Package Contents. 

4. Double-click the Contents folder. Next, double-click the Resources folder. This should bring you to a screen that shows a file named icons.icns. You shouldn't mess with that since it is in the correct spot. 

5. Click with two fingers on the touchpad and create a file next to the icons.icns file called autorun (Do NOT capitalize any of the letters). Right next to the autorun file that you've just created, paste ONLY the lib file that you copied from step 2. 

6. Now open the autorun file that you've created. On this screen paste the,, game, and renpy (blue folder) files from step 2. 

7. Once this is all done, all you have to do is go all the way back to the screen that you were on in step 2 and double-click the file called renpy (that has a girl with a hat on it).  

8. The game should open now. 

After following these steps I was able to get the game to open on my Mac. I don't think Mac Os versions really matter since I've been using this process for a while now and it hasn't failed me yet!This list can apply to ANY Mac download that bounces on the dock a few times before disappearing. This isn't my first rodeo so I'm used to doing this but I've realized that there are some new Mac users who are struggling with this problem. I just wanted to leave this here to help anyone who needs it! 

Not sure if I was the only one to experience this but I was unable to open this game on a mac. I had to physically go through the package contents, create an autorun file and rearrange other files in order to make it work. Just thought of giving you a heads up! 

I went through the demo and everything looked very promising!! I couldn't stop gushing over the background art and music!! I personally just adore just how clean and vibrant the art is. It really adds to the experience. And the music is just *Chef's kiss*. I have fallen victim to weird or grating music in other games but for this it took it to a higher level! Something I would like to touch up on is voice acting. Personally, I tend to resent voice acting since it usually takes away from the experience but I can honestly say that doesn't happen here. Giving the player the option to lower the voice volume was a good choice! Also, the idea of letting the player using the phone was refreshing! If you ever need some feedback from Mac players don't be afraid to ask! 

On another note, since I am well aware that the Mac version has had some issues I poked around the demo and found something a bit confusing. I took a gander at the options for the game and was quite glad that there was an option to fiddle around with the sound when I came across a problem. Clicking on options causes the game to freeze and the player is unable to exit out of settings. At this point I could only exit out of the entire demo and restart it in order to fix this. This isn't such a big deal at this point but I thought it was important to inform y'all about it! I know Mac is very hard to work with due to it limitless security settings and wonky downloading steps but it's worth it for this game! Sorry for writing a lot and if it makes no sense I apologize again. If you need me to elaborate on anything I'll be glad to do so! 

Oh cool! I'll keep an eye out then! In the mean time I'll snoop around your kickstarter and try to spread the word. I'm confident that you'll reach your goal in no time! Good luck with everything !! 

I was randomly scrolling through games when I came across this demo. I am unable to play the this due to the fact that I have a Mac but I can at least say from first glance this looks very promising!

Are you ever planning to make a Mac version for this?