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not yet! but glad to have the reminder, hopefully can use it in something!

thank you for checking it out!

thanks for the info, i would guess its probably just rendering too slowly, i'll have to work on some optimizations.

ah got it, yeah that's not working right.  what os/browser are you on? looks okay to me on everything ive tried. thanks :)

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controls are really fun on this

love these drawings

the design and colors are awesome

lol, thanks for the feedback, i'll have to bump up the movement speed for the next build.  did you try double jumping? ;)

love the aesthetic and level design on this! a couple comments, there seems to be a small delay between hitting the f/interact key before the countdown timer comes up, took me a minute to figure that out, thought the key presses weren't working. also takes a while to find stuff, i played for a while, but i think i would have been more encouraged to play if i felt like i was a bit more likely to find stuff as i explored.  awesome work overall!

this is awesome, there's a lot of pretty moments just looking around at the landscapes

lol this is awesome

awesome illustrations

this is fun to rapidly click generate

these look really cool!

thanks! that pretty much describes exactly what we were going for, so that's awesome.

nice graphics

lol, music is perfect for this and the sound really brings it to life

this is hard! nice idea.

this is a clever idea, and nice drawings

love the animations, fun to play!

i like the aesthetic, rats look cool, and the sound is good. i agree it could be more balanced at the beginning, prob should be easier to get to shotgun, also not clear how to select the shot gun, took me a second to figure it out.

amazing concept.  monkey animations are perfect. awesome background music too.  it seems like the pee also hurts the player, is that supposed to happen?

the trash descriptions are really funny

love this, design looks great, sweeping is fun

this is fun! nice work!

its simulating a social network, so its creating users and then having the users post, like and reply to one another's posts, and follow each other.

its hard to see it happening because its just like numbers changing and random posts appearing.  i hoped to make some animations and organize the posts in something besides reverse chronological order so it was more obvious when things were changing, not sure i'll be able to do that before the deadline, but will probably add in a future version.

its also a bit sped up at the moment just it looks like its moving, but long term i plan to have it just sitting around and updating more slowly.

the app is deployed:

i'll have to make an itch page for it to submit.  ran into some issues while deploying, so kinda ran out of time for some other features that will have to go into an updated version of this later.

cool! looks like it will be fun to play with.

simulation is working now kind of a lot of performance issues are coming up, hoping to fix things up and be ready to deploy tomorrow.

spent way too much time on generating and uploading user profile image today, ran into a crazy triangle of issues with image encoding, firebase uploading and python firebase documentation.  gonna stop here with features and work on the simulation part for the next couple of days.

love this idea for a jam.  was looking for some examples of other console based games and found a few, would love to see others if people have them.

added replies, updated styles and updated simulation, not ready to publish yet but soon, hopefully will have time to add images

oh woops, i thought a website would fine since the rules were "The Game must work on Windows."

made my first commit today, will hopefully post live version soon

so far i have users, posts, likes and started replies,

add user button and simulate button, will eventually automate those

thinking about other features like user profile images and posting media...

sounds fun!

hi there! i'm curious to know what people are working on.

i've been wanting to make a social network sim after reading about simulated networks made internally at facebook and other places, this seemed like a good opportunity to start it.

i'm planning to use "the anatomy of melancholy" as a source text to generate content:

and planning to use flask and firebase for the backed.

what are you working on?

this looks amazing!

this is nuts! really fun

this is actually really fun, love the design.