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thanks this is a great idea!

Rated! im in desperate need of rates lol, i only have 8 and it would be awsome if you play and rate my game!

hi i rated your game, the puzzles where fun!

my game has 8 ratings currently

the platforming and level design was very well made,  good job!

here is my slime saving game:

hi, my game only has 8 rating currently it would be awsome if you could rate my game

i will rate yours aswell if you post the link (:

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played your game and rated it, i like the art alot!

i only have 8 ratings currently so it would be awsome if you could rate my game

you save slimes and they fight for you, escape with as many slimes as possible!

thanks! im glad you enjoyed it

thank you!

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hello people this is my game where you have to save the slimes and escape with them

you save the slimes and they fight for you, there are also different endings depending on the amount of slimes you save

it would be very epic of you if you could rate it please (:

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simple puzzler, i like the art and the level design is very good. awsome job!

this game made me laugh a few times with the characters and story, the gameplay is simple but i like it, the art was pretty good to be honest. if i had too say something bad about this game it would be the bosses, they just float about and spawn enemies, i guess one attack from the boss would do just fine

overall, i really enjoyed it!

i also noticed that we have pretty similiar games when it comes to the mechanics, in my game you succ slimes close to you, just like this game 

this game is very fun and refreshing, having a bunch of combinatioons make you look like a monster, i love how each item does something unique and depending on what body part you place it on it will behave differently, the art is great and the game feels juicy

good job!

the art is probably the best part about this game, the way the theme was incorperated is kinda lazy, the combat is pretty much non-existent enemies just sit there and you jab them with your sword, everything looks the same so its very hard too navigate and i got to a point where i couldnt jump across a gap and had no idea where to go. overall just pretty unpolished, but the art and animations are great!

sorry if i was too harsh

great atmosphere, the narration was cool and the levels were fun. i can tell you took inspiration from one of the games brackeys made for this jam last year(i think). Platforming felt good n'stuff

great game, you should be proud (:

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awsome game, the unique voices was a great addition, and the mechanics are cool. my only problem is that its too difficult, especially for a game jam game (or maybe im just bad lol), by the time you reach the self destruct bit, there are so many aliens it becomes imposible too move to another room without dying, sadly i couldnt beat the game but i really enjoyed it, hope it does well! oh and the artstyle is great!

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very cool idea for a game, the art is very good but my only problem with it is that it is very hard to know whats going on, and to know where the player is aswell especially when you need to focus on two at a time if you are by yourself.

 awsome game!

this game is well polished, the art reminds me of castle crashers and alien homnid, the animations are great, and he leaderboard is cool. I hope this game does well!

i also made a game about slimes lol

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yes music would make this game better and thank you for the compliment!

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it is playable now (:

i love the concept fo the game but to make thing interesting you could make it so there is a limited amount of times that you can die so you actually need to think about your placement. great job!

this is a great idea for a game. 

this game was a fun, when you kill the enemies quick enough you end up with a whole army of planes and its just chaos,  gave me a laugh.  good job my fellow human!

really enjoyed this game, the boss at the end suprised me! with a bit more polish this game could do pretty well for a mobile game or something. Great job!

The screen wrap affect was rushed because I've never experimented with it before I thought it would take to long to do so I basically just made object on each side that teleport you to the opposite side when you collide with it

Also there isn't "instant death" it's probably an asteroid that you can barely see hit you, I pretty much  had to make the asteroids go that far because I didn't want players to camp off screen and basically do nothing till they reached the goal because the screen wrap effect was poorly made

Thank you for the feedback I will keep this in mind for when I update the game(:

yeah, moving up and down would be good to avoid the asteroids, one thing I did add to help with this is screen wrapping which I probably should have mentioned in the description just in case anyone missed that

thank you for the feedback(:

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Agreed, I'm probably gonna polish this game a bit in the near future and changing the way asteroids spawn  will definitely be in the list.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to play my game and give me feedback, I appreciate it😁

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this is a solid game, I like the whole space and winter style and I have some feedback: a game like this needs too have good level design and my problem with some of the levels is that they are just too hard especially for a game jam game BUT level 3 is the best, its probably the easiest level and is used to introduce you to a new mechanic: jump pads (they are super cute btw) but then they are never used again ): why are they never used again? they add an interesting layer to the platforming and make the game more enjoyable. apart from that this is a good entry, well done (: 

sorry if I was too critical

also if you jump before entering the next section of a level you can avoid the bug where you get stuck

just beat the game, loving this beat its an absolute bop, I'm stunned by the art, it is fantastic and the atmosphere is perfect. only problem is that its too short(: but seriously, you should take some inspiration with the spiders from the game  Dont Starve, they make a creepy sound when they walk and something like that could add more life to the spiders in this game and maybe a sound for when you attack for some juicy feedback but to be honest that's just nit-picking good job with this game you should be proud of it (:

Good game! I have some feedback: 

there are rolling snowballs in this game and they are impossible to see unless you spot their shadows, I recommend that you make black outlines around things that are important like the player or items that you can pick up and especially the rolling snowballs 

thank you so much!

Gives me survival vibes and heat seems like an important aspect to the game. Honestly it's great! Good job