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Update! Based on a few other reports, are you using SPACE to select the menu option? It seems like I missed a debug command and the E key is trying to open some gated-off dev tools, which can render as a black screen. Planning an update to fix this and some other technical issues before launch, in the meantime let me know if this helps.

Ah, that's a pretty rough one. I don't have a clue what would be causing this at the moment, but I'll be sure to look into it & see if there's anything I can do for the full release. Thanks for the heads-up!

Happy to help, and thanks!

Ah! A terrible oversight on my part. Planning a tutorial update soon, I'll make sure to fix this issue - thanks for bringing it to my attention.

It only works from the "heavy" landing you get after flipping, so the command string is Down+X > X > X.
Sorry if the tutorial's not clear enough, I'll make sure to address that during the next update.

Hi! Thanks for the report, this is definitely not intended - something seems to have gone wrong in the process of building the demo of the newest update. I'm investigating now, and will update again shortly!

Thanks for confirming this - it's been a strange bug to wrangle but I'm taking another look at it now, & will swing an update ASAP.

No worries! I actually prefer having any issues dealt with transparently on the page. Sorry to hear paypal is troublesome for some people, send me an e-mail at jesse[at] and we'll sort somethin out.

Ah okay. It seems like the itch client unfortunately didn't play nice with the initial post-launch updates. I'm currently looking into how to solve the issue within the app, in the meantime if you can download the updated files manually from the game page if you want a version without this bug. Sorry for the late reply+inconvenience, and thanks for bringing this issue to my attention.

Sorry for the late reply, and sorry to hear the game doesn't run well on your machine - I know how frustrating that can be.
Itch doesn't have a refund system, but if you contact me at jesse[at] we'll sort it out.

Does the speed of your game match the footage here?

Thanks for your report, I'll be looking into it this weekend. Can you confirm that the .zip file you downloaded is name "" (with underscores, and not spaces)?

This is a consistent bug with the launch 1.0 version. Unfortunately there's not a great patch system in place, but if you download the current build (1.02), it should be solved (along with a couple other small issues, laid out here). Thanks for the report, and thanks for playing!

Is it an xinput controller? PS4/3 and non-xinput generic controllers aren't currently supported unfortunately.
If it is an xinput, make sure it's plugged in when you boot the game, and disable any other keybinding software (joy2key, x360ce).

Hope this helps!

Whew, that's a heck of a day 3 bug. Squashed and updated, thanks for the heads up.

Sorry about that, you caught the page during a quick bugfix update. Should be working now.

Holy cow! Thanks for the report, I'll be patching this immediately.

Thanks! Working on a tutorial as a centerpiece of the next update. Happy holidays! :D