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Aww, I love the idea for this game, I hope you guys work on it some more, would love to play it in the future as a full game :)

Super cool game that you made in those 2 days :D I love the style and the character animation and design, it controlled very nice as well.

 I'm just not the biggest fan of inverted camera movement, I wish it could be changed in settings or something. 

Plus sometimes the way the light hit the platform from the side would blend with the top so it was hard to judge how far I need to jump.

But I could definitely see me playing this if it was a longer game, hopefully with some kind of save mechanic as well as it was a bit heartbreaking getting far and then falling and starting from the beginning.

What a cool game, your team did so much in these 2 days :D Nice story behind it, just some notes had a very cool font, but it was hard to read, there were also quite a lot of them and they were lenghty, I feel like for such a short game there could be a little less notes, but I did enjoy the story :)

The art and gameplay is also super nice, I fixed the ship and beat the game, good job on it :D

That's a super cute little game, I really liked the story, it's just a bit sad that you can't see all of the journal entries as the text cuts off at the bottom of the page :/

I couldn't figure out how to get to the place where you need to put the battery (at the very end, I just couldn't get over it) and sometimes my character would just drop the battery, but it's a super cool game that you made in just 2 days :D I love the idea for it ^^

I got home :D I like the concept and the effects haha, really nice game!

Aww, super cute game and took me a few tries to get it right but I did it in the end, yay :D I love the art for the game and the concept ^^

Nice idea for the game, I run into some bugs (the toilet minigame started when I was in the kitchen) but overall quite fun, great job :D

The front facing camera freaked me out at first when I saw my face haha, but this and other things like the date and time of day being the real life one is really adding to the immersion. I really enjoyed playing the game and exploring and getting to know Éva through her phone :)

Super fun concept, I wasn't expecting this for the theme 'home' haha, Really fun game and loved the voice acting :D

Haha, super fun game, the third level is definitely the best ;D I love how fast paced it is, but it took me a few tries to beat the first level.

Very nice concept for a game and what I saw looks pretty good, I especially love the visuals and the vibe the game had, but I either couldn't figure out how to pick up the mementos or just didn't find them ^^'

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Very fun game, I had a lot of fun with it and really liked the crafting system :D

Aww, I loved the art and the whole game is super adorable <3 

The only thing is that, most often on Level 4 sometimes a balloon with a package would get knocked down, but would fly near the ground and not pop, just would fly to the end of the level and you can't pop it anymore, it counts it as the lost package, I lost 2 times because of that haha, but I beat it on the next try ^^

Cool game and I liked the little story behind it, I just with there was a timer or some kind of score on screen to show how long you're holding on :D

Super cute game, I loved the art in it <3

Super fun game and cute graphics :D

Hi, thanks for letting us know, we'll try to figure it out. 

In the meantime, we added a web version so you'll hopefully be able to play it in your browser :)

Thank you <3 We had a lot of fun making the game and we're happy we made the deadline haha. 

Thank you for organizing the jam! :)