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Your explanation makes sense and you are correct - you have identified an issue with the original game design. I'll need to do some additional work to resolve this. 

Thanks for pointing it out :-)

Hi Darkyeoman. Thanks for your question and my apologies for the delayed reply. 

You have understood the level 1 rule correctly. However, the loss condition you mention is only triggered if you cannot perform the royal action after performing the royal ceremony (i.e., moving a cube from the royal host to the adjacent waiter). Therefore, you can avoid losing the game by taking a different action and waiting to perform the royal action until after you have filled all the serving dishes. 

Hopefully that makes more sense now :-)

Thank you very much! Same to you :-) (I'm looking forward to trying out your game as well)

Thank you for sharing this. I don't have experience with TTRPGs, but I've stumbled onto this one and am curious to give it a try.