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Ms. Avory, I bow to you! I love your work and have purchased every game published here so far. Thank you for the really great work and please never stop!

One of my favourite classics! Really well done arcade port for the C64. Thank you! :)

Can't await the finished game! I've already tried the Amiga demo and now this. It's exactly like C64 MASTERS said! This is so amazing, I love this game already even it's not finished.

I hope the comic will also be included in a digital purchase version. This would be awesome.

Przesyłam pozdrowienia i czekam niecierpliwie! ;)

I'm really impressed! What a great game! Beautiful graphics, nice music and lovely story – what else could I expect. There are so many wonderful games for old machines these days I haven't spent any money for games which run on current hardware so far, and this is one of these wonderful games. Thank you for the great work! :)

Totally awesome and a real gem in my collection of new C64 games! :)

Bought this game several months ago and played it now till the end with a pause inbetween. Really nice and very NESis game. Thank you for this great work!

Honestly? It's 2023 - well, the game came out a bit earlier - and people are still writing games for the C64. I am beyond grateful for that alone! I really enjoy every moment that I can play new C64 games and I try to support as many developers as possible by buying their games. And then there's Protovision: They going released Sam's Journey and then this gem here. I mean, the other games are great too, but I got goosebumps the first time I played this one, just like Sam's Journey. I LOVE YOU GUYS! THANKS!  :)

I've bought this game directly on the Protovision website a while ago. And as it's already mentioned many, many times: This game is simply marvelous!

Wow! What a great game! I've never owned a NES back in the days but it's a lazy weekend, beautiful weather outside and I was sitting on our balcony with my Anbernic RG405M, looking for something new to play and nust found this game. I've watched the video and had to buy the game. I love it, thank you for the great work! 😊 👍

I've looked for such options in the Pulse Audio volume controls but I haven't found it. I can only select there HDMI-Devices and the internal speakers of my notebook (Dell Alienware) but as I don't habe any HDMI device connected I use the settings for the internal speakers. But I will see if I can find something later. :)

But I found something else interesting. I have connected my Fiio Q1 Mark II (FQ1222) DAC via USB to my Notebook and used this as the sound card. Now the sound is perfect! This would be a good solution for me but I think it would be interesting for the developers what's causing this problem. If I can do anything to help you, please let me know.

Please, no refunds! :) This little issue is really no problem for me and I'm patient. It has no rush. And I also love this game very much, it's fun to play it, so for me it's worth every penny I paid. ;)

Hi, sorry for the late answer. No I not on a VM, this is a native Ubuntu installation. :)

Hey, this is absolutely no problem. :) Software development for different operating systems isn't easy and I think game development is even trickier. I will try to do everything what helps. Maybe this is just a problem on my side?

I have captured a video of the game and uploaded it here: (about 5.5 MB, MP4-File)

I hope this is OK? Otherwise I can mail it, too. If it is too short or you need any other informations, please let me know. :)

Saw the pictures and was already amazed like hell. Watched then the YouTube video and was thrilled like a little child on Christmas Eve. Bought it directly and fell in love with the game. It's this warm and cozy feeling I have, just like back in the days when I was playing Maniac Mansion or Zak McCracken.

There is only an issue with the sound, it is a bit choppy all the time. Is there something I can do? Any misconfiguration or something else well known causing this phenomena? I'm on Ubuntu 22.04 (i9 CPU, 32 Gig of RAM, RTX 3070Ti).

I love playing colourful platformer games on my Amiga. That's the perfect cure after a stressful day at work. Just go home, shut the door, get yourself something nice to eat and drink and jump into this beautiful world of pixels. Thank you so much for the development! :) Had to purchase it, couldn't resist.

I've mentioned your game (and ADFMaster) shortly in the upcoming issue (159) of the Amiga Future magazine which will be released probably around November 5th. And I can't guarantee but I'm pretty sure in one of the future issues someone else will write more about it.

I will be patient. :) Thank you for your update!

This game looks marvelous! Can't wait till it is finished. Will buy it for Linux and probably also for Android. :)

Widzę, że to będzie bardzo relaksująca gra. Lubię takie gry! ;) Chciałbym pokrótce przedstawić grę w newsach w kolejnym numerze Amiga Future (które ukaże się na początku lipca). Czy gra będzie dostępna również w innych językach?

Thank you so much for your engagement for the Ukraine! I'm not from the Ukraine but the whole situation is driving me insane. I have already donated what I could this month for several charities and I won't download any of your software until they are available for payment again. I'll come back and buy your stuff.

Congratulations! I had no doubt. ;)

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I would like to get in contact with you regarding the possibility of a future boxed release of the game. If you are interested of course. Unfortunately I can't find any contact possibilities than the comment function. If you like, please write me a short e-mail: bartosz([AT])amigafuture([DOT])de :)

I love the fact people are still developing such great games for the good old Amiga computer. Can't await playing the finished game on my Amigas! I hope you'll make good progress. I've mentioned your project in the Amiga Future News:

Bought it and mentioned it on:

I will try to place it in the news section in one of the next printed issues of the Amiga Future magazine.

I love this kind of games and I hope to see the improved version some day. Thank you for supporting the Amiga community with this game and further updates. :)

Thank you for your Amiga support! :) I've also downloaded and paid for the Android version but I think it's more important to show support for the 68k version. ;)

Thank you supporting the Amiga! I'm really impressed for how many (vintage) systems this game is available. I had to support this effort as I saw this. I will transfer the game in some minutes to my Amiga 500 and play it. :)

Hi, you get the full version (digital or boxed) from here:

I've been looking for the full version, too. ;)

Tiger Claw community · Created a new topic Hell yeah!

Awesome work, thank you! I've bought it mainly for my Amiga but I will also play it on the C64 as soon as I've restored it. :)

Wow! F***ing WOW! I've extracted the archive now on my Mac Mini MorphOS system and tried it. I have no words which describe my feelings about it! Even "awesome" is too bad to describe it. I LOVE IT! Please believe me: I haven't played a game like this for many, many years! Thank you so much for this fantastic work! :) Greetings from Oldenburg in Lower Saxony in Germany! :)

Awesome! This game looks simply marvelous! I bought it and I hope I can play it this weekend on MorphOS! :)

I love this game, it's really addictive. Great sound, graphics and game play. What a happiness I have to go to work otherwise I would stay the whole week at home playing Guns 'n' Ghosts. :D I hope there will be a second part someday. :)