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Widzę, że to będzie bardzo relaksująca gra. Lubię takie gry! ;) Chciałbym pokrótce przedstawić grę w newsach w kolejnym numerze Amiga Future (które ukaże się na początku lipca). Czy gra będzie dostępna również w innych językach?

Thank you so much for your engagement for the Ukraine! I'm not from the Ukraine but the whole situation is driving me insane. I have already donated what I could this month for several charities and I won't download any of your software until they are available for payment again. I'll come back and buy your stuff.

Congratulations! I had no doubt. ;)

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I would like to get in contact with you regarding the possibility of a future boxed release of the game. If you are interested of course. Unfortunately I can't find any contact possibilities than the comment function. If you like, please write me a short e-mail: bartosz([AT])amigafuture([DOT])de :)

I love the fact people are still developing such great games for the good old Amiga computer. Can't await playing the finished game on my Amigas! I hope you'll make good progress. I've mentioned your project in the Amiga Future News:

Bought it and mentioned it on:

I will try to place it in the news section in one of the next printed issues of the Amiga Future magazine.

I love this kind of games and I hope to see the improved version some day. Thank you for supporting the Amiga community with this game and further updates. :)

Thank you for your Amiga support! :) I've also downloaded and paid for the Android version but I think it's more important to show support for the 68k version. ;)

Thank you supporting the Amiga! I'm really impressed for how many (vintage) systems this game is available. I had to support this effort as I saw this. I will transfer the game in some minutes to my Amiga 500 and play it. :)

Hi, you get the full version (digital or boxed) from here:

I've been looking for the full version, too. ;)

Tiger Claw community · Created a new topic Hell yeah!

Awesome work, thank you! I've bought it mainly for my Amiga but I will also play it on the C64 as soon as I've restored it. :)

Wow! F***ing WOW! I've extracted the archive now on my Mac Mini MorphOS system and tried it. I have no words which describe my feelings about it! Even "awesome" is too bad to describe it. I LOVE IT! Please believe me: I haven't played a game like this for many, many years! Thank you so much for this fantastic work! :) Greetings from Oldenburg in Lower Saxony in Germany! :)

Awesome! This game looks simply marvelous! I bought it and I hope I can play it this weekend on MorphOS! :)

I love this game, it's really addictive. Great sound, graphics and game play. What a happiness I have to go to work otherwise I would stay the whole week at home playing Guns 'n' Ghosts. :D I hope there will be a second part someday. :)