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Wow, this is really nice! I love the presentation, and how much impact and emotion you manage to bring out of such a minimalist approach!

Piggy Rescue

Piggy Paradise

Piggy Rescue is a charming side-scrolling adventure with fast-paced gameplay and lush, bouncy artwork. When a tornado swoops away the Big Wubba Piggy's pig friends, heroes Damian and Mr. Piggles must step in to save the day! Whether searching through plains, deserts, rivers, or jungles, they'll have to fend off fierce foes and navigate treacherous landscapes to find the lost piggies.  

I made this game in high school, and before I graduated, I submitted it to the National Scholastic Art and Writing competition. Itt was awarded a National Gold medal- the highest possible honor. (The main judge for the games section that year was Tony Hawk, so if pro skaters enjoy saving pigs, you can too!)

If you're curious, I've posted a playthrough video below. The game is absolutely free to download, though any donations are appreciated! Enjoy!

Sincerely, Ostuniverse Games

Ooh, thanks! This looks really cool!