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So...Basilisk boss confirmed for Small Saga?

 Completed the trophy case!!!

The SOMA characters are adorable. Almost killed Zaat in one-shot. Had me on edge. Loved it. Well worth playing the game over. Can't wait for the new projects. 

More Bugs 

1. After Spectre day, Shooty stops saying he enjoys view from balcony

2. Can't read sign in front of Shooty's house

3. I can select the shotgun from menu and it functions like I'm using an herb. (Key items are highlighted in menu as if I can use them outside of battle).

4. After killing Finger in Flatwoods swamp, the 2nd Cordybiceps (no shirt, mushroom head, mushroom hands, didn't show up) 

5. This vending machine doesn't sell herbs or rockets. 

6. Can't read this sign

7. Magnum doesn't have a descripiton


1. Why can I sell my old gear (armor) but not my old weapons?

2. In a fight, when you hit "x" it takes you to a menu where "Escape" is an option, but it's grayed out. Was running from battles supposed to be a mechanic? (Battles immediately start with options to attack)

3. What were these boxes for?

-Stay Well

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NOOOOO! *sigh* Thanks for the explanation though. I searched -everywhere- for that key. Congrats on getting let's plays for your game. 

-Stay well

Weird. These are the only keys in my inventory. Some disappeared after I used them. Is that supposed to happen? 

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Still can't find the key for the tiny door. I don't think Captain Alpaca drops the last key.  

I can't read the sign. Also these two bugs are still here. 

Nice edit by the way :)

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Bugs again. 

Elmer repeats himself

The two shelves on the right repeat the Diary #4 message

First Cordybiceps disappears (post game I think). The others are still there.


1) Are we not allowed to read this sign? (And the bin chicken disappears).

2) Secret Boss? 

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The Newfolk teleporter won't open.

(Before the 1.4 update) Can't open this door. Assuming its behind the tiny door before entering the castle. Didn't find a key for it. 

This game is mad gorgeous!  

Thank you so much for replying. Sorry if I bogged you down with too much at once. 

Awww...really wanted to fight the Cordybiceps again. (RIP though, it following you for revenge added tension). The backstory for the Tiger sounds really interesting though. I can see how making Zaat's egg a whole game could add to the lore. (Origins for Grim and Shooty? Shooty uses slingshots and peashooters before a real gun)  

Eager for the new release. I still need that Gerkinman trophy.

Stay well. 

I found more, mainly with Newfolk castle:

1) Before final sleep I could fight the catfish again. 

2) Went back to Newfolk after final sleep. Got a softlock. 

3) The enemy can go through the wall. 

4) Can still talk to Alpaca after freeing him (both sides)

Would like to see a guide that explains what the status effects (rage, fascination, ''off kilter") did beforehand (e.g. on a bookshelf in your house), or that the herbs had the picture of the status symbol it heals in its description. 

Can't wait for v1.4 9/10 game

I appreciate that the chapters aren't isolated. 


1. The two guys looking arguing with the lighter were in two stories

2. The tiger was in 3 stories

3. The lemon and lime were related

Keeping the enemies from respawning keeps you from farming gold. That really forces you to consider your purchases. Loved how you had to explore the whole town of Flapjack to get to the cave. 


1. Are the robot in Flapjack (Vote 5) and the fish ex prime minister rivals?

2. Why can't I fight this thing? 

3. Any plans to continue this series? 

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Found another one. 

The morning after the swamp day, if you go down the ladder first, Zaat disappears from the balcony and the bed "resets" (lets me have the orb dream again).

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Too late lol. Got Elmer and the Batman after the beating swamp level :) . These bosses are TANKS!!! So rewarding to beat. 

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Found a bug when in the Ghost Executive/Slim Grim cousin fight. (I was taking trips back and forth to use the vending machine).

1) When you use the exit gate, after the executive, you see Grim. Use it again, you're at the bottom of the tower. Third time, softlocks you in a corner near Grim.  

2) After Zaat changes the gate and you leave the executives room, you exit from the rightmost path instead of the center. 

Love the Earthbound feel. Trying to beat Elmer. >:(