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For those unaware, the term “kamige” literally means “god game” in Japan, but it's probably better translated as “god-tier game”

Basically they're saying your game is God Tier.

Thanks Hatch.

Thanks for getting back to me!

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Ver 33.0

Windows 10

I used Pandor to convert a my notes which were in a docx to a md file so I could use deepdwn and have the imbedded images show up (I just started using it so forgive me if I'm missing something obvious.)

Anyways, during the conversion, some of the text was in bold and bullet pointed, so during the conversion it out this before the text


<!-- -->


When I write text after this point without the formatting it used for the bullet points, it shows up as normal in the preview but when I'm typing is out it's italicised and has this blue gray colour that I don't really like. Is there a way to make the text I type after this be displayed like normal (for example, the  "-Be careful of the way emails are written." is what I'm reffering to when I say normal.)?  

Sorry for the late reply, it was around 40 games.

After discarding all the downloads, I can download games one by one, but It stops working when I have a large queue.

I recently bought the Palestine bundle and I downloaded a lot of games from it onto my computer. I deleted them and I tried downloading them through the itch app so I could better organise them, however after downloading 4 games, the downloading just paused. It wouldn't show the rate it was downloading at or how long it would take, only how long the download has bee running for. I left to run overnight but it still hasn't progressed. I know it's not an internet issue because I had no problem downloading it from the website but for some reason I can't download anymore games from the app.

I'm curious to see where this goes.