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Osaka Studios (Leonardo J. Monge)

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Genios! GRAN JUEGO!!!!!



Bien Franco!!!! me sorprendió el vientito!!! Muy bueno darle ese toque. Seguí así :)

💙💙💙💙felicitaciones al Team!!!

Yes sir!. Let me know from there. Thanks!

hello! Thanks a lot for the feedback. It was indeed a really long and tiring project but i’m glad it flourished. Your portfolio looks impressive as well. Yes, anything you see please let me know. thanks!!!!

this looks GREAT!!!!!!!

sorry. Forgot to add the youtube link. There you go. Edit!

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Hello community! Thanks for reading this.

I'm Leo and I just released my most ambitious project: "AfroPenguin & the Forbidden Ramen". It is complete, free and it is quite long. You can play it in Windows, Mac and Linux. Unfortunately for HTML the performance was not so good, so I decided to pull it.

If you loved Mario and the old schol adventure games, then go here. I promise I won't let you down :)

Comment if you see something weird. Just one friend completed it hahaha.

Here’s the trailer:

and here’s the launch trailer with more footage and shorter:

Let me know your thoughts or improvements. 

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Thanks for your kind words. It was kind of a bummer for the rest of the team who was struggling their minds to continue working on the story but sadly one of the creators wanted to follow a very ambitious path we didn't want to follow at that stage of the game.

BUT we have another game in the works and you can play hopefully today or tomorrow my new game AfroPenguin and the Forbidden Ramen (currently being testes but I believe it's 100% done). Make sure to watch the trailer here :) 

Grande campeón! Te sigo desde hace casi 2 años con el proyecto!

Grande Maxi!!!!

Excelente!!!! Se extrañan los buenos Beat 'em up

¡Un Roguelike bien heavy y difícil! ¡Muy bueno!

Oro en polvo!! Excelente arte, música y diseño. Espero con ansias la versión 1.0 full power. Un abrazo!

Fenomenal el juego! Si necesitan una mano, los ayudo. Soy también de los juegos de la vieja escuela.