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An incredibly admirable modernization of the old FASERIP ruleset. I'd never really considered delving into the old FASERIP rules before reading this, considering how esoteric and old they are; however, Astonishing Super Heroes repackages the old engine in a stylish modern set of paint, making the system look approachable and appealing with it's stylish (if basic) presentation and clear rules.

Highly recommend the game. My only wish is for the game to get more content and support, and to receive more well deserved recognition. Well done!

Oh I am 100% in support of that!

This is a great supplement, and I am thoroughly in love with it's style, presentation, and mechanics; my only complaints would be that I want more of it, and that not all styles are equal in the slightest, and some don't exactly seem worth pursuing.

That said! Love this book, and I absolutely want more of it. Would love to see further supplements along this style, expanding upon the concept. $10 well spent.