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This is a great supplement, and I am thoroughly in love with it's style, presentation, and mechanics; my only complaints would be that I want more of it, and that not all styles are equal in the slightest, and some don't exactly seem worth pursuing.

That said! Love this book, and I absolutely want more of it. Would love to see further supplements along this style, expanding upon the concept. $10 well spent.


Wow thanks for the comments! And yeah I think some of these styles are definitely going to be less of a big deal to find than others. If I were to do it again, I’d probably further split the Advanced ones into two rarity tiers, or perhaps move some Advanced ones to Secret (e.g. Telepathy is much cooler than Survivalism). For now, I left it to the GM to decide how hard any of them should be to find with the Secret category being a vague suggestion. 

I would love to make another one of these! Especially now that most of the basic OSE abilities are already represented here. One thing I would recommend if you like this idea, by the way, is to consider converting some GLOG classes to styles. One or two templates (depending on the class) could probably work as a style.