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You're right, i forgot that detail, <Space bar> is now added as an alternative, thank you for your feedback.

Helloo, well it was a pleasure seeing you guys playing my game, thank you and also for your feedback.

Sorry Rex for the controls, the WASD are available now, and Ptera their will be more spiders soooon, i promise.

This is fantastic, stylish and challenging.

I like the way you design this game, you feel that this world already exists, with its own atmosphere, mystery and secrets.
I also appreciate the feedbacks from the animation to the sound effects, it helps the player through the game and make everything more dynamic.
I really enjoy it, I guess check points will be very welcome and for the rest I suppose there will be bosses and a lot of mysteries, I'm looking forward.

Very good one, like always, with gameboy vibes, one of my favorites from you, this my friend... is pure art. Bravo!!

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Thank you for your comment man, i'm so glad you had a good time playing the game =)

i'm so glad you enjoy it, thank you for your comment and for playing :)

Hello everyone! 

I am so excited to join this jam, make a game inspired by a cover, this is very interesting, so after thinking and thinking i choose HOT BOX, it was hard to pick actually, there is so much creativity and originality in the famicase exhibition. 

HOT BOX: A Spy Interrogation Thriller
Rene Antunes / Graphic Designer,

You are THE EGRET, world-renowned secret agent. Your mission has been sabotaged and you've been framed. Now a prisoner of HOT BOX, the interrogation room of your own agency, you have 1 hour to prove you are not the double-agent. You are not MISTER X.

The art cover is fantastic, and i also like the story, so i'm going to made the game from the current story except one thing (you have 1 hour) i will remove that to match with the storyline i made.

The game is going to be an adventure puzzle, you are the detective who try to find out who is the real double agent, by solving puzzles that bring you closer to the truth behind this conspiracy.

the platform will be 2d side scrolling and the puzzle will be like resident evil or silent hill genre.

i'm looking forward to your feedbacks, i will be posting all the updates for the game here and also in a facebook page for self-motivation and also to share with people outside the forum.

Facebook page

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you for playing and for your detailed feedback, so glad you enjoy it

actually we are working on  feedbacks like sounds and animation, and we will be very greatful if you could tell us more about the way you think feedbacks should be

So glad you like it Eric Florio, thank you for playing  :)