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Hey, very glad you liked! I used Reaper to make the music, its a great software! 

I also really enjoyed the title!

At first I didn't like "anime song", but then it grew on me! Also, I liked the scenery and the malicious smile of the bombs (guns are bad after all!)

If the items appeared higher above the screen and the camera was still, I think the experience would be cooler.
Good game, congratulations on the entry!

Its concept is very cool and the art is incredibly beautiful! If the planes took a little longer to get so fast the game would last a little longer. The game is already pretty cool, with a little leveling and good music would make it awesome!

I liked very much! Congrats! 

I really liked the theme. A good idea of connecting the robots to the outlets to fry them is very good. Notebook paper notes are especially charming. However, the controls are somewhat locked. The zoom in on the explosions is interesting, but after a while it leaves the action slow, especially if we are trying the same route again. It would be interesting to reserve the zoom for when we explode a certain number of robots at once. In general it is a good job, congratulations!

I tried to play, but my mouse wheel is broken!

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Loved the game! Difficult but fair. The graphics are clear and fun.
Loved the music and I loved the dynamic transition when the ball is in launch mode, but I think the music from that moment could be a little louder to keep up with the pace of the game, especially for me who had to play a lot of time in slow motion ( Did I mention that the game is difficult?)! The "fire" sound is really satisfying, and the robotic "start" is a lot of fun; it would be nice to also have a "restart" or "try again" with the same effect (did I mention that the game is difficult?).
Great game, had a lot of fun! Congratulations