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experimental seamles texture

Hi everyone and teams,

I have Apicture of Game, I last weekend and made a Editor for the game.

If You post Wips from your Project, it would be great :D

it's  too hard, how can stay longer iron woman?

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I would also like to chat with you or other teams, unfortunately my english is not so good.

thanks, I stay tuned

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ok, sorry i have found the part 

  • Gamejam Period: Dec 20th, 2017 thru Jan 4th, 201

good luck

the countdown is normaly for the submitting deadline

one week ago tere was only one game :( 

have Submitted by Esbol with 7 hours, 54 minutes before the deadline

wahat du  you mean? that was


my game

i need to ad 

  • Must include #IWantToCreate credit graphic at bootu

what is it?

realy funny game :D

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The Music, The Gameplay, the BossCat's it is so  comical/ironic ;D   ...   the life of the helpless stupid dog :D

und danke für das ganze Unity Project, finde ich super!

hi, Iget a Error on Start on Windows 8.1

congratulation to finish :)

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... I cant registered my entry with a link to your Jam.

My entry is here on

so, you have a 2nd one

hi Paranoise,

how are you using your "Hero Hunter" above?

it is an RPG- Adventure?

Today I worked on the preformance and learned new things about my GameEngine( 3dGameStudio).

am glad that I'm here with

I have a name for my Game and the menue style is done.

here you can take a look on the menue of my game "Arctic Camp"

Today I had an idea for the game, but I still have to clarify the concept,

The game is to fulfill the topic 100%.

But Rodue is an ascii game and it is a sidescroller

I would not make a sidescroller

Roguelike Caos #1 community · Created a new topic your wips

Hallo and Game Jam´mer,

where can I see work in progress stuff from your projects?