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I used a fullscreen extension in MMF2 and made new .exe files. To add fullscreen functionality to other Clickteam games, you'd need the source files and edit them.

You'd need to install Adobe Air, not sure for which OSes it's available, but I saw Win/Mac at least.

Unfortunately, these games only run in a very old version of MMF2, that makes this pretty much impossible.

I'm not sure if you have to use it on the door as an item or if it opens by itself if you interact with the door. Best to try both.

That opens the black treasury, iirc. It's in the castle in the sky, near the puppet king boss.

The individual games are older versions. The ones in this collection have better fullscreen support and a resizable window in windowed mode. There's also gamepad support for two games that didn't have it before.

Thanks! Tried my best, they only work in a very specific old version of Multimedia Fusion 2, so I couldn't update them as well as I wanted.

Nothing visual, but some adult themes (depression, sexuality, alcoholism) are coming up in diaogue.

Thanks for playing it! There are two optional more challenging areas -- Shipwreck Bay and the Kitty Temple. You might not have found one of those places yet.

Unstrong: Space Calamity Demo

Hello! I'm stopping by to tell you about this girl. She wears big glasses, has two ponytails, is sort of a nerd and her world just exploded! It happens to the best of us. Oh well! Time to jump into that starscooter and investigate. Her  star-baby friend Flounder is coming, too! He'll head-bonk baddies for you. It's his thing. Best not to question it. Considering the amount of strange weirdos out there in space, you best start bonking heads soon!

So what's in the game, you ask? Well...

  • Planetoids and weird gravity nonsense
  • Space flight (stay away from the sun pls)
  • Hidden 2.5d levels
  • Kitties
  • Daddy Problems
  • Bosses & Minibosses (2 Minibosses in the demo)
  • 12 worlds of various sizes (2 smaller ones and a bigger one in the demo)
  • 7-14 hours of gameplay (depends on the targetted ending, about 1-1.5 hours gameplay time in the demo)

Unstrong: Space Calamity Demo by origamihero (

btw -- not sure if it's the video, but if the game runs slow for you, you can disable the reflections (heavy effect) and set it to medium resolution.

Thanks for giving it a go! :D

Hi! I 've just released a demo of Starlight Alliance, a big 3d sci-fi action RPG with two playable characters. Follow the adventures Cyris, a chubby alien ex-cop, and Lea, self-proclaimed revolutionary in a mechanic get-up and save planet earth! This is going to involve going to space and the depths of earth's surface, which is looking kind of terrible these days. But hey, there's always hope!

The demo is 2-3 hours long and should give you a good idea of what the game is like. The full version will come to in a few days.

->Starlight Alliance Demo Page<-

Aah! There is an Android version, btw. Just search the game's name and plaaaaaaayyy

Hey, thanks for playing! ^_^