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Loved the game, musics are great, gameplay is very fun too! It took me like 7 or 8 deaths to get to the end of the game but I wouldn’t say the game is hard. Well done!

I loved the visuals. The gameplay is fun too, though the hard mode kicks my ass, lol.

FROG! Good game man, sniper is OP. Though the helper frog is bugged, I kinda felt it sped up my other frogs.

Love the visuals, especially the noise effect! Though wasn’t able to find my 5. key, had to quit :/

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Congratz man, though I am the programmer that wrote the AI I wasn’t able to win :D. And actually I was aware of that bug but I wasn’t able to reproduce the bug so couldn’t fix :/

Love the music! Great idea to display the enemy’s health with die!

Thank you! And also this was my first Godot project.

Thanks for the review! I tried various directories to save the files and I don’t think it’s permission issue. I tried saving on desktop, a folder in desktop, a folder in D: disk. I also tried running the app as administrator but that didn’t help too.

Can’t save sounds or export waves on Windows 10. I’m using rfxgen_v2.5_win_x64.