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1 there is a tab for games that need to be rated

2.i'm not a famous ytber either

3.amount of rates are not the main source of points so it doesn't matter how many people rate the game

4.there were 12k+ people that joined that are rating games and even some that weren't participating in the jam so if everyone played a game you will have on average 2 rates, but people are going to rate more so you will get enough

thanks for the feedback, I def want to try to add music to my games because none have any at the moment

please don't ask people to play your game in a comment as it sounds like you care about your game more than anyone else's and it's unrelated to my game

screw you for making the skeleton book

nah jk this is a good game and I wish there was more

(mel is so lazy, she does nothing lol)

Thanks! as I said I didn't have enough time to do what I wanted but thanks anyways :)

there are 2 rooms so check the other

you could submit 2 games I think

if anybody knows how to add a music file to I would be thankful (I probably will be using beep box)

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intresting game ,but number 3 was hard to complete since I didn't know how to change the switches and I haven't been able to complete number 6(fine until I need to light the lightbulb the switch is not inserting itself) so just make the tutorial better and it is a perfect game

I both hate and love this game at the same time lol

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this is a nice game with a good idea.

The songs are nice

it was a good call to only play the sound if you got it right just came up just in case you wanted to know

not your best, but great game overall

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ik, but I had an hour so I personally think it is somehwat gud


my best is 30, go for it

noice sprites, just in the tutorial say what each block does bc the only ones that make sense r the arrows

also what research does

then why is there a theme in the first place

it would say suggested if the theme was not forced to be followed

Nice game

good idea using the same assets from last time(don't worry I did to)

The sound is not annoying

my average is 5500

good job

I like the solution to this puzzle like game

good job

lol I love the fact the trees fall

I don't see how this connects with the topic


I love it

I would, but I don't know how to do that in pure JS. thx for the feedbac

honestly the map would just be a circle with 5-6 point


really good game, had I not know this was made for the jam I wouldn't know this was made in an hour

What is wrong with you

(nice game)

really good especially because it was in an hour

good game. sound was annoying after a while, but I know how hard it is to make in an hour