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Orange Mage

A member registered Oct 25, 2019

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There's a typo in "An uncanny, sprakling hammer..." (should be "sparkling"). You should really say "The corpse of a dwarf..." rather than "A corpse of a dwarf...", and "The incinerated body of a dwarf..." rather than "An incinerated body of a dwarf...".

It may be impossible to achieve, but room numbering traditionally increases with distance from the entrance. 

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Me again - sorry! "Was squatted" needs to be "squatted in", and you can't have "a scale mail" - it should be "a suit of scale mail" or "some scale mail" (or possibly just "scale mail").

One more change: "Pleads to borrow a torch."

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Yes, it sounds wrong - but you only need to add "it" to make it sound right! Alternatively, you could take the "was" out: "...until recently rediscovered...".

This is fantastic, and very entertaining! Would you consider changing the subheading to read "...until recently it was..." or "...until it was recently..."?