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Cool .

Can i use movement code from a older project.

This is why i come to

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Thanks for the constructive criticism I really need to make my games better. 

And yes the walking sound effect gets annoying and i had no time to tweak this during the jam.

And also it's scroll wheel to change sensitivity and i know i got to make a better system for changing mouse sensitivity, like making it a menu option but again i had no time to do it.

And thanks for all the feedback.

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Thank you for playing. I just played and rated your game it's better, in fact it's the best game in the jam. So keep up the good work too.

Enemy's go through walls and the graphics are not that good, but it's was still fun.

Needs more sound effects, but i like it.

It's too hard, but somehow i like it.

This game is just too good. Good job Daedream.

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Forget what i said and stop rate for rate because not everyone get's rated so just say "of you rate my game i will rate your game" and post it here, so others can rate.

I rated your game can you rate my game.

Too good.

My game is "one after the other vikings".

You can play my game now, is's called one after the other vikings.

My game is done and it's a roguelike that really looks cool.

Me too!

This game is not working on linux.

I killed no enemys and this is already the best game demo of 2021, i would buy it for 20$ or more.

Shoot it and jump when it make it's move.

This is Hotline Miami in 3D but better.

Thank you for rating.

wait are joking, because i use leading lines to guide players in the game.

When you start it is in front of you.

Thank you.

But first go in the portal.

The game is hard to win, so just jump when he make his move.

i'm so sorry but the game will not start because i'm on linux, and html  will not work on my computer.

Try it now.

Try it now.

Try it now, and thank you for telling me.

I planed on the prism flashing but it was getting late so i had to stop, but next time i will be sure to do that.  And thank you so much for telling me about the problem and for reviewing.

Test it now.

I will try to fix it today thank you for telling me.

I will see what i can do about that.

I just rated your game and here is my game.