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Nate Howard

A member registered May 17, 2016

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Replied to HR78 in Requests

Examples? This sounds like an interesting idea. I'd buy it, too :)

I just suggest this because:
1) I am curious if you can do living creatures / animations
2) Buying these made by a separate artist might not match the style
3) I would really like to support you :)

Do you do this kind of work? Are you interested in it?

I need some 2d side-scroller characters for my farm game. I would be willing to pay $15 for a pack that includes:

  • player / human being guy
  • chicken
  • cow
  • many clothes to put on the humans (farmer, peasant, "regular" person)
  • rabbit
  • squirrel
  • deer
  • birds
Also while we're discussing non-tileset what about Items? Such as:
  • milk pail / metal bucket
  • acorn
  • chicken eggs
  • bird nest
  • carrots, plants, vegetables, fruits, apples

Just curious but if you don't do this I will probably make them myself (but will be ugly)

I really appreciate the update, and feel a bit lucky to get even more since I already bought this. Glad I threw in a little extra cash when I purchased :) Good luck finding more people to buy it, keep making art!

I submitted a request as well thanks!

Posted in Requests
Hi and thank you for your kindness on twitter. :)
I really really really want some farm aspects. Even a few that are farm-like for a simple game I am making. I will be using this tileset that I purchased.

I need stuff like this:
  1. Grass/Crab Grass
  2. Flowers, Tulips, more flower
  3. Carrots and carrot tops
  4. Plowed Soil
  5. fences, fence post, wooden signs
  6. tool shed / barn
  7. water / pond
  8. wooden bridge
I would pay $5 for these items, maybe you can make a separate sale, or include into this tileset :)

If you did this that would be amazing and I will also link to your page(s) when I release my game :)

I bought this and would also buy a top-down version to use in 16x16 tile based RPG