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Like "All Ashes and Illusions", this is dark, but in a thoughtful way, thinking about how to accept and make amends for one's misdeeds. Good stuff, as always. Also, I really do recommend playing this after Ashes; you should be able to figure its plot out fine but I do still think that it hits different having experienced Yuel's screw-ups first hand.

Excellent art and music; I particularly enjoyed the intro. Regarding the writing, it's definitely dark, but I think it's well-done and has interesting things to say, and if nothing else the ending is very memorable.

Short but sweet. Fun gameplay, nice music, and quality art, which I found rather impressive given the Game Boy's tiny screen size (160 x 144 pixels).

Sorry, writing reviews isn't my strong suit, but I enjoyed the game, and definitely appreciated the artwork (despite never having seen its inspirations myself).

Great stuff as per usual. I liked that you were able to incorporate all that interesting information about Skye naturally into a good story (such as by connecting people's feelings to it).

Excellent atmosphere, along with quality art, writing, and of course music. The ending was both sweet and surprising, serving as a clever second twist on an expected first one. So yeah, great stuff as always!

Definitely as gloomy as advertised, but it is very well done--notably the music, which is very different from the scores of your other games which I have played, but equally as good. 

Excellent writing as always, unique and appropriately stylized art, and the music, ah...inject that right into my veins! As a specific comment, I appreciate that, although this and "Fragile Feelings" had a similar relationship dynamic, you were able to make the characters distinct enough that at no point did it feel repetitive or formulaic. Not that one could ever even remotely accuse you of being formulaic, anyway. So yeah, good job!

Great OST, beautiful artwork, quality writing, and I absolutely adore the UI, it’s very unique and thoughtful. You also might like to know that I have set the spooning CG as my desktop background, in the hopes of giving me some motivation to try and overcome my Ann-like timidity and meet someone IRL.

I'm not much of a reviewer, but I did quite enjoy this game. I've never been huge on SoL, but I think what made this work for me was the characters. The best way to describe it is you wrote them like an ensemble TV show--the characters have enough of a wacky personality to be interesting, but it's not kept to so rigidly that it feels forced and fake.  Also, having gotten into VN's from Japanese ones, I'll be frank it's just nice to have the protagonist not be a jerk.