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Happy to Oblige. It's little more than a blurb, but it was enough to pique my curiosity. Here you go!

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That was incredibly funny. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for making the game and sharing it for free.

For your information, the only problem I found was that the sound would always be choppy for the TV segments. No big deal at all, but I thought you might like to know.

Oh, and also for your information, I found out about your game from the magazine Web User, issue 446 (current issue) page 31. :)

Thanks. Had forgotten about the difficulty settings in the beginning, sorry. Anyway, I really like the game, which feels like a mix of pool and Puzzle Bobble/Bust-a-move

Very cool concept but perhaps a tad too easy?

Sexy pixel art indeed. As short as it is cute. Thanks for making this.

Hahaha... I even recognize the nagging song.

Some of the most wonderful Pixel Art I've seen. Also, interesting world and Necronite concept. Would love to see a sequel.

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Gorgeous! It's a very pretty game, animation of the spider is amazing and the sound/music design is just perfect. I really enjoyed this. Thanks for taking the time to make this game and sharing it for free.

You might want to say somewhere that it's not over until one sees the credits, as I nearly quit the game about 30% in, thinking it was over.

I'm not entirely sure I get the message, but that's alright, it's probably better with a bit of mystery :-)

In short: I like "I Like Walking Very Much" very much.

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Clever. Very clever. Maybe worth telling people that there's a real ending because I doubted it and very nearly quit before reaching it. Thanks for offering this for free.

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Very enjoyable! I haven't played any of the games cited as influence for this one, but if they're anything like Infested, I need to play them! I loved all the ways you can die (and of course, the fact that the game auto-saves just before your fatal mistake, thereby avoiding unnecessary frustration).

Thanks for making this great game free. I'll tell my friends about it.

By the way, I ended the game with several items in my inventory that I never used. Did I miss some secrets? Were they planned for sections that were cut from the final game? Or are they just there for flavour?