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Very enjoyable! I haven't played any of the games cited as influence for this one, but if they're anything like Infested, I need to play them! I loved all the ways you can die (and of course, the fact that the game auto-saves just before your fatal mistake, thereby avoiding unnecessary frustration).

Thanks for making this great game free. I'll tell my friends about it.


By the way, I ended the game with several items in my inventory that I never used. Did I miss some secrets? Were they planned for sections that were cut from the final game? Or are they just there for flavour?


Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. If you haven't played the Kemco NES games than I cannot recommend them enough. 'Shadowgate' in particular is a masterpiece and my all time favorite puzzle game. Shadowgate is about 4x larger than Infested. I hope you do play it as well because Infested actually has five hidden references to Shadowgate ;).

As for the extra items; those are red herrings. Much like in the NES titles there are far more items in the game beyond those used to solve the puzzles. It's simply to throw you off and keep you guessing.