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Anyone else try to use the game jam coupon and get a notification that it is expired?

Fun and engaging puzzles, delightful music that stayed enjoyable, good gradual increase in difficulty, and pleasing color choices.

Only complaint is that many of the traps are unavoidable and are solely luck based. Other than that, fantastic game!

Haha This is the only game I saw that went for the carnival theme! Good choice for the theme. Simple, but enjoyable. I liked the slow motion effect.

I agree! After the game jam, the one thing that I really wished we had changed was the way the portals functioned as sometimes they can be too sensitive. 

Thank for playing our game though! I'm playing yours right now!

LOL that ending though. Didn't think a game about vegetables would have such a twist. Thanks for the fun game and the laughs!

Fun game! Enjoyed the humor and the fact that you have to look for ways to break the game.

Super well done game. I wish it was a bit longer, but I was very impressed with the art and music. I easily could have played in that world for an hour if I had the chance.

I hope you get a chance to finish it! The art on thumbnail is what drew me in! I would love to see a finished game with this art style.

I wish it was a bit longer, but overall I really enjoyed the possession mechanic and was digging the music! Great submission!

Really enjoyed it! Truly phenomenal! It has all of the enjoyable elements of "Get Over It" while being unique in its implementation. 5/5 game design!

If this really is your first game then you should be incredibly proud. I just beat it and the level design was awesome! It was challenging, but not because the game itself was difficult. The game challenged me to forget my video game muscle memory! Very well done! Also, I really enjoyed the detailed you put into the robot's animations. Especially the jump animation and the animation of panic when he is close to a ledge.

Thank you for playing the game! I’m just glad people were able to enjoy it. I agree that the theme was probably our weakest point. Towards the end we had a choice to fix bugs or flesh out dialogue so we sacrificed the dialogue for bug fixing :(

Still was fun to play what I did!

Thank you for the kind comment! It was the first game for all three of us so it means a lot that you enjoyed it! :)

Ah ha! I knew it!!!!! Haha :D really fun game though.

there was 3 of us working on it so a combined total of roughly 72-80 hours.

Enjoyed it! The puzzle element to it was a nice surprise and I never found my self struggling TOO much with a level, but maybe I got lucky ;) Great job and thanks for the fun!

I really like the sound and look of the game. Once I got the hand of the controls, I was zipping around everyone which was fun. For some reason though, I collected the keys and the door wouldn't let me go through it.

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The character is adorable and the movement system was cool! Does bill exist though. I spent 40 mins going through stages and didn't find him :( Awesome game though!

Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed it :D

I wish I had more effect on the game, but overall I left the game feeling really good and happy! I really enjoyed the pixel art and the music! Thanks for the smiles and happiness!

I feel like this mechanic is unique enough to carry a full length game. I hope you keep this idea!!!!

That was funny! I felt so accomplished and now I feel like a bad person haha!

Absolutely incredible! The art is delightful to look at, and the mechanics were new and interesting. Hard to believe only one person made all this in a week. Great job!

I really liked the mechanics and the game design! The use of light as a tool was awesome! Plus, the art was top notch!

Great game! I had fun investigating!

Super innovative idea! I really like the idea of un-leveling!! My wife commented that she really liked your art when she saw me playing it! Great job!

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Thank you! We just decided to go with an untrustworthy narrator that occasionally gives you the wrong advice.

I've been following this one on the thread. I'm really excited to play it! It seems fun!

there is a group of three of us newbies, wanna join? 

He joined us on crowdforge but then didn’t reply afterwards so we all figured he was out. No harm, no foul :)

from what I read on a previous post, yes, but only if you are actually learning from it not just stealing there code and not trying to learn.

sure thing! Here is the link to whoever wants to sign up first.

That game was delightful. After the first game I got the hang of it and really enjoyed it!! Great work!

you still on our team Koner? Sent you the slack link on crowd forge.

Got room for one more on our Unity team. New users welcome!

There is a theme, but they're keeping under wraps until the day of. Make sure to check back on the event page when it goes live!