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it doesnt launch on mac for some reason

when downloaded in mac, it wont run for some reason

most american game i've played

Game is fun, simple yet scared the shit out of me. I really liked how the only way you could prevent from getting killed was just fully depending on sound which just made it more terrifying

aye can yall make a version for my shitty mac?

nvm i completely forgot abt browser game, sorry for inconvinience

Sorry to be bothering again but on mac im having problems with the game, when loading the game the progress bar gets frozen and doesnt load.

Quick question, when there is an update, do we have to re-install the game or will it automatically update by itself?

The amount details and description here is amazing, and the different routes were such a cool thing to have. love the game

Well its a lot better that y'all take your time rather than rushing it, take as Long as you need, we'll wait with pleasure

Ok thank you

I was downloading the game in hopes of it being an innocent version of DDLC in where there is just attractive inflation and thinking I found good content

I exit the game and delete it as my poor little brain attemps to process what the fuck happened

Hey, sorry for the bother but just wanted to say that when I tried to download the game on the itch app, it doesn't let me and displays a "this title is hosted on a incompatible third party website. Then i decided to try using itch on browser and I did manage to download it but whenever I tried opening the game it said something with the game not having a license and therefore can't be opened or something. I don't know if I might be doing something wrong

Thank you for your wisdom

Do you have any tips for new game developers?

sorry to bother you but is it possible to make it into a browser game?

What do you use to make games?

What do you use for making games?