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Nice, keep up :)

Great, thanks :)
(Didn't get the notification)

Hahah thanks a lot, it's really rewarding and encourage me to go further :D

No problem, I'm not this much active too but I'll be notified if you message me

Yeah I totally understand, for me it was the first time I had 7 days (as I came very late to this jam). Before this it was only 3 days jams.
I'm glad I could help you, it's a pleasure :)
Let's keep in contact! What is your discord?

Damn it did get me stuck on my computer
Very good job hahah, loved it

That's cool! The environment felt immersive with all the sound details, music and the 3D around!
Personally I was afraid about letting stuff in grey but here it looks good!
Little bit struggling with controls, but it adds a bit of challenge

Hahah now that makes sense for the robot voice :)
Well for the video it's the first time I can't see something, I have a recent gaming PC (with NVIDIA GeForce 1660 Ti on laptop).
I can't wait to see your next game! I watched your profile, it seems you've made good progress
Keep up!

All right , thank you!

What is this game jam subdomain?

When we register to backtrace, do we insert this subdomain or we create a personnal one?

SIIICK I loved playing this game!!! Really happy to see a great submission like this. There is a lot of stuff involved in here and everything is well balanced I think. I liked very much the cinematics, the environment is well accorded with the musics. As someone said here, it's like we're in hollywood but you made it for a game jam hahah

2Gb was fine for me (as I submitted my first Unreal Engine game 12 GB !!!!)
When the 4 goals were explained I thought the robot voice was singing hahah, it took time for me to get that the mission was explained at this moment. Anyway by failing a few times you understand what to do
Also I couldn't see the "Game Junk" intro screen when I launched the game (I restarted it multiple times to see it but didn't work)

Congrats to the team for this game :)

So cool!!! I'll tell you when I update then ;)

Let's play your game now

Thanks for your feedback! Can't wait to see what you made! I'm glad you liked it, I didn't play spiderman yet but I love parkour :) 

And yes I didn't have time to make my short minimalist 2D cinematic to explain everything. Also the game doesn't detect when you're at the control panel, or when the minute is over, so you can't loose or win yet hahah

Nice for the butler program! Next time I'll know

Thanks a lot :)

Thanks so much!! Here it is

Thanks so much! My export is never stopping the loading

I'm late too, I would like to know

So cool! I add you right now

Nope I still don't have any musician in my team (and I still alone in my team for now haha)

Really cool! Some musics would fit perfectly with a cyberpunk style (sometimes I want to make cyberpunk games).

Do you think you would be able to make an action music?


Sure Bentot, I'll tell you! As soon as someone comes

Is it ok to make a game that fits multiple jams at the same time? It would be created both after the starting date of this jam and another jam

Hi, if some people are interested in working with me on a small 3D third person action game let me know!
I want to make a game about a spy that has one minute to infiltrate a buiding. Send me your discord and I'll invite you.
I'm here to learn and to grow, I'm not a pro at Unreal Engine and everyone is welcome to learn something as a team :)

Hi! Do you have somewhere where we can listen to your musics?

Hi! Nice content, keep up!
These musics are not fitting with the idea I have in mind but it would have been a pleasure

Hey that would be really cool! Just tell me if you're ok if we work with unreal engine
I don't think there is a lot of UE game developers... I'm learning so we all will be at the same level and I can help learning

Damn that is sick!! :O
I just saw this One Minute Jam and I'm thinking about a 3rd person action game made with Unreal Engine 4.
I'm a beginner with this game engine but I already participated a few Game Jams, and I already did discover the engine.

I'll send you details of my ideas by email and as Bentot says, It's your decision :)

Really really great wow
Good job!

Thanks so much :D !!

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Wow! Great art, nice game and story
I wish I did rate this game before the end

Well at first really difficult, but I defeated it the 5th time I fought it so that's ok :)

And the music is good and strange, it nicely sticks to the game

Heheh Cool it's a funny game
And I like the gameplay
It would be good if new coins appeared after they disappear (because we can't do more than ~400)

I agree!

Okkk really nice I didn't understand I didn't had to destroy my keypad, I could get slow and there are dashes
Really nice you made procedural gen

Thanks so much :)
This was my first game but it can get even better, updates are coming soon (better assets, progressive difficulty, adding minon waves, coin collection etc)

The game is simple and cool, I like it!

That's it! exactly

Impossible I have a non-QWERTY keyboard ;((
Seems nice though