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Nice release, well done guys!

Thanks Roman for the updates.

Cool. emailed!

Hi, would love to cover this in our magazine ZZAP! AMIGA. Possible to drop me a mail?

Hi, would like to write about this in our news section of the ZZAP !AMIGA magazine. Please drop me a mail so I can cover this game.

This looks great! @LateBit - do you mind if you drop me a mail so I can cover this game in my magazine?

Dropped you a mail on Twitter. :)

This is a fresh approach to an existing concept. Well done!

Nice! A successor would be awesome and well done!

Hi and thank you for this game! Making C64 games is not an easy task and you have accomplished that! The concept and presentation of Deathflood are great, please keep improving the execution of the game itself, as it could use some polishing to improve things further. I would suggest taking stock of the feedback on itch from various players and then using that as a task board to implement into the physical version from (

Ooh nice! Will download and play this weekend!

This looks great, will play this a bit further Luca! If you plan a version with more levels or the like, please drop me a mail. :)

Hi @metesev, congrats on the release! Would like to see one of your games or a future update of Jump'n Crate on the coverdisk of the ZZAP! 64 magazine? Please drop me a mail:

It will happen when it happens. Looking forward to the new preview.

Lovely release and had fun testing this in dev phase (1351 mouse and dual sid). 

Thanks Marco. Drop me an email when you get time, we can talk more there.

Thanks for providing these demos. The adventure game engine would be nice for us to cover in the ZZAP! 64 magazine, (screenshots, concept, technical aspects, future of it etc.). Additionally, future demos or full games created in it, exclusively on one of our cover disks (and released on itch simultaneously). Keep going and thanks for the games that you are providing!

Okay. I want to cover this (our news section, screenshots, concept etc.) and a demo or full game on one of our cover disks (and release on itch simultaneously). Keep going and thanks for the games that are providing!

Nice game! Will boot this up on the real hardware sometime too. Any chance for a C64 version? If you have one cooking would like to feature it on our coverdisk for ZZAP! 64 (and launch on itch simultaneously).

Thank you

Thanks Tony, Hobb and team. Well done!

Great! Is this the full game or a preview?

Hi, for news on your game development for our magazine, how can I contact you? My email: :)

Looking forward to this Knifegrinder! Drop me a message sometime (FB).

Nice one, speed! Will give this a whirl on real hardware.

Looking forward to this! Perhaps we could distribute the next demo, exclusively on the ZZAP! 64 cover disk? (November 21st). Keep up the nice work!

No problem, when things develop, let's revisit.

Excellent, please keep us posted. Any preview for our ZZAP! 64 cover disk, send me a message please! (

Hi Jake!

Enjoying this game and wondering if we could run it on our coverdisk for our ZZAP! 64 magazine as an exclusive? (Sept. 20 issue 10 and Oct.30 annual - deadlines) - please get in touch:


Thanks! I work for the ZZAP! AMIGA magazine, so we try to cover the game (news or demo on our covermount). Is there a way I can get in touch?

Any new demos coming for this one?

This looks amazing! When do you estimate full game completion?

Would like an updated teaser on the next ZZAP! 64 covermount. Please drop me a mail so that I can get it on there as an exclusive!


Congratulations guys!

Great game! polys are faster than I expected, would love to have one of your titles on our cover disk for "ZZAP! 64", drop me a mail!