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Hi guys! This is a synthwave music pack created by me that is completely free to use and download with an attribution. 

The album includes 8 music tracks and they can be used both in personal and commercial projects. I believe I'm answering most questions that you might have in the FAQ but feel free to comment or send me a message if you can not find an answer to your questions below.

Download link: page link:

Do you like my  free music/sound effect packs? Support me on Patreon so I can produce more of them (Even $1 helps):


━ Can I use your songs/sound effects on my Twitch/Youtube/Instagram/Tiktok/Radio/etc channel?

You can use my songs anywhere you want as long as an attribution is provided back to me. ━ Can I use the songs/sound effects here in my commercial projects as well? Yes, you can use my songs that I'm hosting on Bandcamp currently in any of your personal and commercial projects. You can use them in your movies, games, apps, streams, podcasts... Simply in any medium you can think of. They're all free to download and use but you must provide an appropriate credit. The only limitation here is that you can not sell my songs directly under any condition and you can not use them without a credit if you're not a Patreon supporter of my free music project. ━ How can/should I give credit to you? If you're using my paid content (such as the albums hosted on Unreal Marketplace and Unity Asset Store), you do not need to provide any credits. Patrons who support my "Free music packs for every content creator" project also do not need to provide any credit. More information about this project can be found below. If you're not a supporter and want to use my songs in your personal and commercial projects, you should put the following info in the description or the ending section of the medium that you're going to use the songs in:

Composed by: One Man Symphony -

━ What is this project about and how can I become a supporter of this project?

I'm just a musician who tries to create high quality free music libraries for other content creators which are completely free to use and download. Producing high quality tracks takes a great amount of time and financial investments. If you like my content and would like to see more content like this in the future, please consider supporting me on Patreon. Even as little as $1 donations help. You can subscribe to my Patreon tiers on:

━ Do you do commissions? Can I hire you for my project? How much does a song cost?

Yes, I do commission work. You can find more information about the subject and the prices by visiting:

━ I see that your paid content is only available on Unreal Marketplace and Unity Asset Store. Is there any other way of buying these packs?

My paid contents are only available on Unity and Unreal Marketplaces. All of the content I'm hosting on Bandcamp is completely free to use and download.

━ Where can I find the license information about the songs hosted on Bandcamp?

All of the albums I've uploaded to Bandcamp are released under the CC BY 4.0 license. You can find more information about it here:

If I need to simplify this license, as long as you give a credit back to me you can do whatever you want with these songs except for selling them.

━ Do I need to download the free songs from Bandcamp if I want to use them during my streams?

Yes and no. Some of my songs are available on Spotify so you could stream them through Spotify during your streams but not all of my albums are available there. This album (Synthwave Music Pack Vol: 1) is available on Spotify under the name of "Night Drive Chase":

━ If I play your free songs during my stream or use them in my Youtube videos, will I get a copyright strike?

All of my songs are stream-cleared so as long as you provide a credit back, no, you will not get hit by a copyright strike or anything like that.

━ I have a question that I can not find the answer of it here. How can I contact you?

You can write an email to the following address or you can send me message on Twitter directly: 

This library consists of 27 space themed tracks in different genres, and moods. The album can be listened to, bought and downloaded on Bandcamp.

List of the tracks:

  • Menu Theme
  • Loading Menu Theme
  • Exploration Theme 1
  • Exploration Theme 2
  • Exploration Theme 3
  • Exploration Theme 4
  • Encounter Theme 1
  • Encounter Theme 2
  • Encounter Theme 3
  • Danger Zone
  • Lost
  • Discovery
  • Your Base Is Under Attack
  • Unknown Planet 1
  • Unknown Planet 2
  • Unknown Planet 3
  • Unknown Planet 4
  • Stealth Theme 1
  • Stealth Theme 2
  • Credits
  • Additional Looped Songs

By buying this album, you're acquiring a licence that allows you using the songs in the album in any of your projects, unlimitedly. No attribution is neccessary. You can display this album on by following this link.

Composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by One Man Symphony