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Thank you, it took a few years doing it as a hobby =] Hope you like it

My first ever game, made only by me is officially released! 

Hope you will like it! =]

Underlings is a game of survival in a ruthless world in which everything is trying to kill you, hunt, gather, farm and build, but most of all, die and try again.

You will play as one of the "evil" creatures of the world, trying to escape your past and live a peaceful life, being forever hunted by the bosses of the underworld. Explore the world of dangerous beasts, gather interesting resources to craft new weapons and armor, build up your base and try to defend it against raids of hell, or fail and have it destroyed as you run away scared and try to rebuild it again. Who will last, you or them...?

Buy it here:

what you mean by pixel art scaling?

Underlings community · Created a new topic Bugs & Errors

Post any and all bugs or issues you find the game and I will fix them as soon as possible

Underlings community · Created a new topic Suggestions

Post any and all suggestions for the game here, what you would like to see added or be improved on.