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Pretty brave entry, I liked the idea! Nice game.

What a wonderful idea! Really great unique game, I loved it, well done!

Wow, this was super impressive! Great job! You could release this into a full game with some more work, wow!

Very smart idea and I loved the art! Great puzzle game!

Wow, such a great submission! Your take on the limitation is genius and the game is really fun! Please make this into a full game and release it for phones, I would love to play it more! Also add a zoom in function for the images on the left, I couldn't see it properly sometimes. Great job!

Thank you very much!


Pretty cool game! The difficulty scaling is well done.

Aww, thank you very much! This comment made my day back! Good luck to you too!

Thank you!

Thank you! I am glad you loved that part, it was really fun to make!

Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it! I didn't want to make the outline too big so that the players wouldn't get too ditracted and only look at it. Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks! I am glad you enjoyed the sound design! :D Yes, the fish are sometimes weirdly big or small due to the sprite size, I should've worked on that too.

If I ever update the game, I will make sure to add the skip button, thanks for the feedback.

Wow, thank you! I am glad you enjoyed the sound effects, they were also the thing I liked the most :D I wanted it to be fun and crazy experience.  Did you win? :D I have always lost, but I thought that was okay to publish it hard like this :D

Thanks, I am glad you liked it! In the Player Settings, there is an option to switch between Unity's default WebGL layout and a plain layout, I went with the plain one.

Thank you very much!

Wow! I loved this game! The idea is great and the change of pace between day/night is just on point! Well done!

I loved the idea and the art! It was fun to play. I wish there was some music or sounds. Good job!

Pretty fun game with cool mechanics! It took me a while to understand how to play it (I didn't notice the ? icon at first) and I died really fast :D

Great idea!

Very simple but fun game! I loved the ending! Well done!

Thank you very much, great video!

Wow, I loved this game! The concept is great! It's like switching between multiple characters and solving puzzles by their cooperation. Please add some effects to lava, chains etc to make the world more alive, moving, if it had more effects and was more polished, it could be easily a full released game! Great job!

Thanks! I learned a lot about the Shader graph in Unity - all the planets and the atmospheres are procedurally generated by shaders! It's very nice to see someone loved it as this was my first experience with the Shader graph. Thank you!

Thank you very much!

This game was really fun! The idea is great and well executed! Great job!

Wonderful game! Stay safe, I hope to see you on another game jam one day!

I loved the music, the notes synchronization with it and, of course, the duck's quacking! The art was super cute too. Great job!

Really cute game! I loved the song!

Well done! I loved all the effects you managed to add together and polish it so much it fell really smooth and great to play!

Throughout the whole game I was really curious what piece of music would come next and couldn't wait to collect another star! Great idea!

I loved when I hit an edge of something and he started spinning uncontrollably :D Great idea.

Thank you very much, I appreciate it!

Thank you! That's very nice to read, I am glad you enjoyed my game!

Thank you very much!

Thank you!

Wow, great game! I loved the idea and level design! The controls were a bit unresponsive, so I fell down the void quite often, but I loved the puzzle element!

Wow, I loved the simple, but great graphics and effects! The ship worked well, I loved building it and flying it as well. I didn't find many enemies. Great game, great job!

Interesting idea!

I loved the idea! This is really unique. Great job!