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Simple yet so much fun, I loved it! :)

Haha that was really fun! I loved the art and the abilities + freezing was just on point! Good job!

Thank you very much!

Thanks! The farmer sneezes randomly, uncontrollably. You have to think about where to go so that you don't freeze your crops, it's about timing your actions. I am glad you liked the game!

Haha what a way to play! Thank you! This made my day :D I bet the animals really liked your companionship and the other farmers were afraid of your monster pumpkin! :D
I am glad you enjoyed the game! :)

Haha Ammo Hack is so much fun! Without it it is really fun too! Such a simple concept! I was mindblown by the way you used the "character" to only help the wall kill the enemies, it is really creative! Good job! :)

Wow, such a good submission! I loved the art style, the story was entertaining! I am amazed that this is only your first game jam!

Wow, such a cool game! I had so much fun. Simple enemies, engaging power-ups, auto-shooting is better for this than shooting with mouse. Good job!

Thank you, I appreciate that!

It is not necessary to set my resolution, just making the UI responsive would work :)

I am thinking you could collect a new grappling hook as a "power-up" or an item every few platforms. People would have to jump up to it to get it and use it as they please, but only once, so it adds a depth in deciding if this is the good time to use it. Then there would be checkpoints in case they fell down, so they can respawn and use that grappling hook again.

Oh no! Damn Unity colliders! :D Thank you, I am glad you liked it, the simplicity was the main aspect, but I understand. Let's hope for future updates adding new features and depth! :)

Haha yeah, with experience simple games can be developed quickly! :) Thanks for playing!

I am glad you enjoyed my little game! Yeah, the car does a cool flip, I put much more effort into this than I should have :D Picking up all the crops at once is a bug which deletes the previous crop, sorry about that :D Definitely something that needs to be fixed. I am looking forward to expanding this game, adding new features, crops, upgrades and more! If you have any cool ideas you would like to share, please do so, I would love to see them :) Thank you for playing!

Thanks! There are more plants and field types ready, but not in this version yet. Maybe in the future :)

Good idea, keep working and learning!

I was really looking forward to playing this game. Unfortunately I don't have a 16:9 screen. You need to make the UI scale with the screen size, now I couldn't see most of the important UI. Make the UI's RectTransforms be anchored to the sides of the screen, not to the middle, and make sure to tweak some settings in the Canvas (fit to height/width). Other than that, it is really impressive this was made in 3 days!

I did not understand the scoring system :D Other than that, the game is cool, good submission!

I loved the game! Cute, polished, engaging and fun! Thank for making this game!

Very nice concept! I didn't understand it at first, but then when I found out what to do it was fun!

Good idea. However, the controls are confusing (speed changes randomly, although I think it is because of "being on ice"), the grappling hook has too long cooldown.

Poor animals! The art is cute. Great use of limitation! I wish there was more weapons, ammunition and power-ups.

Thank you for playing, I am glad you liked it! Make sure to also leave a review on the Mini Jam's page!

Dafuq did I just play :D The music is out of this world! Gameplay is really engaging. Solid submission :D

Cute. I feel like the attack was not doing anything :/

Art is fantastic! It's a pity the game is so short. Also breaking the door is funny :)

I loved the graphics and the effects. Great submission!

Very nice submission! The art is very cute, the music fits well and the game is simple yet great and fun to play! Good job.

Pretty creative! I liked the simple mechanics yet so many options! Good job.

The game looks really good! However for game jams, mobile games are not good as people won't be able to play them on their computers. Good job publishing the game on Google Play however!

Really cool puzzle! I loved the random level generation and the concept is simple yet very effective! At first I thought that the placed pipes are obstacles and I cannot go through them so I had it harder, but then I realized I could move wherever I wanted, so it was pretty easy :D I enjoyed it!

I liked the graphis! The story is interesting too. However there was no tutorial and I couldn't get past the parents area.

Glad you liked it :) Thanks for your feedback, I will try to fix that!

Thank you very much! I am glad you enjoyed the game!

Thank you!

Thank you! The AI should be the left wizard talking with you, reacting to your spells and actions! He should have been deciding on what spells that you make to use in what order, but there was not enough time for that... I am really happy you enjoyed the game!

Thank you!


Interesting game! Was the trainee learning from me?

Wow, this was really crazy experience, I liked the game!