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The way you described mental illness (in my own personal opinion as some who too has dealt with it basically my whole life) as a brain being another entity outside your control is really spot on and I think describes it really well. And I liked how this was written in a poem format, it portrayed the feeling of anxiety, stress, and being overwhelmed really well. Really good game on mental illness, thanks for sharing a no doubt personal piece again. :)

Oh, that looks very interesting, thanks for the recommendation, I'll be sure to give it a look!

Thank you for the advice!

Thanks for the recommendation. Do you have any advice as to where to begin to learn coding? I remember I once tried to learn coding when I was in high school just for fun but I retained absolutely nothing and found it very confusing haha.

Lately I've really had the urge again to get into game development, but I must admit that I don't really have a good idea where to start. I'm currently experimenting with Twine, which I'm really enjoying so far, however I would love to learn to make games outside of just interactive fiction. Are there any programs/engines/software out there that are good for a complete and absolute beginner who also has no coding abilities? 

I just finished playing this and I just wanna say thank you for making this, I imagine this was hard to make but I'm glad you did. This was incredibly hard  to play (I admit I did cry a few times), a few years back I went through a very similar experience (for me it was 10 days) and, well, I'm still healing from it today. I have yet to see anyone else make a game about this particular subject but I'm (for lack of a better word) happy to see one made now. Thank you for taking the time to make this and share such a very personal experience. A very important game and I hope others see it and play it.