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Oi KidTroll, qual seu sistema operacionl e navegador? Tenta em outro navegador, ou entao atualizar o seu atual :)

Hi satori, thank you for reporting this problem. Did you took a screenshot of it?

Voce pode jogar no facebook, vai na nossa fanpage

What is your screen resolution spongeh?

Hi Greg! I'll make sure our artist reads your kind words. Have a good flight!

Hi twitchyjay! Thank you for your comment and for the video, it's great! We're working really hard to make this game happen.

Hi and thanks for the heads up! What version of Mac OS are you using? Try hovering your mouse on the upper right corner of the screen, it should reveal a button to play the game in windowed mode. I'm on a early 2014 MacBook and it works.

We launched a thunderclap campaign to spread the word about our crowdfunding, going live on March 9th!

Hey Saurus! we launched a thunderclap campaign to spread the word about our crowdfunding, which will launch on March 9th!

Also, it was nice seeing that you got stuck after the boss at the factory. It is one of the points in the demo we are trying to figure out how to make it more intuitive for the players.
If you have any feedback on that , we would love to hear!

Thank you so much Gamersaurus! We're glad you enjoyed it!

I just watched the let's play video, it's great! We will post it on our social networks, is it ok? And also we will be having a crowdfunding campaign soon, probably in a month! We will keep you posted!