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No , hacker no go brrrrrr

Pxl Dev you are wrong , we are

The webgl build after the update works now! 

thanks for the compliments <3

Thanks! We will try to keep that in mind and try to make a better tutorial screen if we further continue the development of this game!

staying the rhythm gives the player health so when it becomes more chaotic like in the last level staying with the rhythm makes it easier but we try to make that feature in no way mandatory for the player but the player will get better results in the later levels if they stay with the beat 

my guy you said the same thing to every game and copy pasted it that’s not good please learn from your actions and try to be better 

THANKS FOR THE COMPLIMENTS! Looks like you had fun in the game :]

THANKS! hope you had a ton of fun playing the game :] also how many references did you spot ? I challenge you to find all of em :]

we have a lot of references in our game here’s a challenge try to find em all and list em here! :D 

1) yep sorry about that if it wasn’t clear what buttons to click lol

2) well the power up was made because the player can easily use em and take no damage and kill enemies if we increase the durability it’ll just make it too overpowered plus you can get the power up if you plan ahead a bit so it adds a bit of strategy in the game 

3)there isn’t any health bar there is only dance bar and if that bar ends you die the bar is clear and I think the how to play screen makes it clear

4) when working on this game we stuck with a saying “we have to make the game chaotic not frustrating” doing that would be too frustrating so we opted it with this option to make it enjoyable + chaotic as we can have more projectiles on the screen hence limiting the players vision which is chaotic 

Well I hope that you had fun playing our game! :D thanks for all the meaningful criticism 

Thanks Reddycat means a lot!Hope you had tons of fun playing this game 

I’m just curious what level did you think was the best ? And how manny references did you see and a bonus question what effect in the game did you think it was the best 

We will be flattered to hear your response :D 

(1 edit)

thanks for playing our game hope you had a fun time :] and yes if we ever decide to further work on the game we will add that feature 

I still Remember someone in our team said this but our team just went no because we wanted to make it chaotic XD

I think it went a lil bit too chaotic but hope you had fun!

Also how manny references did you notice we jam packed the game with references 

Also just asking what was your favourite level please let us know our team would be flattered if we got a reply from you again :D 

Thank you for your kind words and feedback.

Yes the thing you stated the family’s collision yeah it’s pretty bothering and we’ll fix it later and also good luck on your game .

thanks :D

yes we took a lot of inspiration from forager

had fun making this game with you all :D

wow this was made in 7 days omgggggggggggggggggg

good game 


if you want to try it try this link please let us your thoughts on the game it’ll be highly appreciated if you want to play it you can here you can write a comment telling your thoughts on the game it’ll be highly appreciated if you let your thoughts on the game it’ll be highly appreciated 

If you want to play this game up you can use this link to play

as we uploaded the image first and then we uploaded the game 1 second After the deadline that’s why it wasn’t here

bruh I can’t rate people’s game but you know my rating 

Btw Omtdh

u are not only one brother

me I guess

me I guess

but my laptop lacks behind a little bit

My 1st jam hope everything goes well

I am an artist

i am an artist 

I can do art