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I just noticed it was Brave fault. Disabling the browser "shield" the data is not lost.

Great, but stats and weapons get reset if I reload the page...

In my case at every update the CDN address changes, and for this reason the stored data is lost.

Maybe they have fixed it ?

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Sadly IndexedDB has the same domain limits as local storage.

Things like Firebase could be a solution but because the stored data is different for each user, a user ID has to be handled, along with credentials, and so on. Sounds complex a lil too complex.

It is sad that the easiest solution is not available.

I've seen many three years old threads about this, and looks like it is not yet fixed.

The issue is that the games status is saved in Javascript local storage, but after an update the game is stored on a different address, and all the data is lost.

Local storage is extremely easy to use, while any other solution, like using external API is quite annoying.

The only solution I see is to host the game in my own website, but this could be an issue for many itch users, not to mention loosing the visibility on this site.

Please make your CDN to save the games on fixed address, thanks.

Thank you for the comment!

Low framerate or "slow" gameplay ?

Just added some of your cool sprites to my roguelite shooter! 

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And here is my shooter prototype ... will add the animations soon.

I've just started a small game and will use these marvellous characters!