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update when?

1 year?! i watched this vn since the beginning--- how is it one year already?

I known some of you probs seen this but, if u did think of it as a repost ;)

Bro, you're that one teachers pet who always snitches on the smallest things that happened years ago 

big bad dragon protecting his treasure (us) 0w0

oh yeah question, when you do face expressions do you have to erase the color and then make the expressions? cuz i'm confused on how you do it because erasing colors in paper is hard

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ahh, theres no sprite for the other guy yeh? Ze sayop diay ko... My bad i thought he didnt had a sprite lmao

Just downloaded this, Might play later because i'm finding some vn's to play rn. I'll let ya know what i think of it :D

wait wait wait.... you removed nipples???? ;-; waaaah

how many available routes are there? and other future routes aswell

question, is dagio even taller than the image shown in the game? reason why i questioned this is because of the legs of daio. Would be funny if dagio height is the same as the image because his legs would be short

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and how about hypers route? do i have to reject all choices? (the part where u wake up after that incident)

hmm?? so he can basically go back to his own body on earth whenever he wants??

so he can get out of paradise and get back to earth? If not, then whos that dagio on earth?

small question, Is dagio dead? And he's just living here at paradise to take a rest?

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If, i reject all calls. Do i automatically go to dagios route? (Edit: NVM spoke too soon

Thanks :DD

Thanks :D

I saw an image of wolfstar and hyper in prison. i wanted to ask how to be in the prison with him?

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I'm confused. Do you have to pick specific choices to be in someones route? wait how many routes are there? and can some tell me how to get them?

im dumb buuttt.. do you have to be in someones route to be with dagio?

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I've didn't finished reading the guide yet, but i need to know something. Are there routes in this game? If so, does it show on how to get to the routes on characters in the guide? Can't read it properly because english is not my first language. 

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bruh why is the shark hot asf, i want to date him

question, where can i find the audios/sound tracks in this game?

any news here?

NVM it was  bug on a PH selection when you play the game at linux

question, at the menu screen... what happened to that other fella the bigger one? is not a dateable character anymore?

question, will jymsar father dateable? cuz he hot 

never knew that letter would cause such a mess xD

ayo, this is the best visual novel i played!! i smiled all the time in the shower scene lol

sooo uhhh, i don't know what this is but.. fix?

yo kulplant, can ya list the games you created?

Question, when will the house keeping Come out here in itch? 

🤔i wonder whats the update gonna be?

 thats alot, cant wait for the next update tho

im  already inlove with this vn even though i played it for only 30 minutes, question- does all of the characters have routes?

all of the characters being dateable. I will choose the cute 'Don first

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bug -  SO when a character speaks (i think this only happens to temoc) but when they speak and i press the Middle mouse button (making the text disappear) they continue talking and not stopping

Bro, when temoc speaks all i can hear is "woof woof woof woof woof woof" when i look at him