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But I loved it
thank you for allowing me to play with balls during pride month

I needed this

Hey thanks man, I understand. Keep up the good work!

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2/10 too much accessibility

This game is really good, love the art style, love the mechanics, love everything about it.

Overall 9/10

el taquero

Overall 8/10

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This game is very fun, I really like the art style and mechanics! The only con that I have with this game is the lack of music or sound effects.

Overall 7/10

I don't know 😁

Don't lose in special edition :)

Love the new update! 

Here's a list of things I think that could be improved:

  • Sometimes when you fall off the platform you don't restart
  • It feels like you don't have a lot of control over pushing the red guy
  • The environment feels a little bland

Here's a list of things I think that could be added:

  • A win condition for the player
  • Different types of enemies
  • A pause menu
  • Sound effects

Really enjoying this game so far! It seems like it could be made into a fun little idea.

I push.

This game was horrifying.

Alright, I'm looking forward to the demo!

This game made me feel an emotion that doesn't exist. Thank you for this experience.

I almost ended my own life playing this. I was sobbing and dying inside. Overall 7/10

That was great.

I came

This game will tickle your right nut because it's so cool. This game is a wonderful experience. 7/3.4

sir I can't move



I've played the fucking worst games today and this made my day. I came all over my monitor as soon as I saw lester. When the worm-i-nator came out of his worm hole and spread evil worm juice ever where I was crying with laughter. Thank you for making this alexipoo. :)

This is really good game. I loved the part where you used 

to make the fps controller to make your game.

I loved the part where the only thing I could do was walk around and look at the magnificent lunchables store before I jumped to my death.

Thank you bagoflays for this life-changing experience. 😘❤️💕💕😘😘😘

This is the greatest game ever. The drifting, the controls, Gerald, it's all just so great. I mean if I was a car in car world I would eternally cum from the opportunity to play this game.



I love the game! It's really interesting and I love the mechanics!It feels like golf which I appreciate :)

Who made this game? I haven't seen a worse game then Bad Guy Simulator! Smh-ing my head rn 🤦🤦

What do I do with this 😭😭😭😭

You are welcome sir :)


I REALLY REALLY LOVE THE ARTSTYLE OF THIS ONE. It also has nice music, a very polished feel and of course dogs. A pretty game as well as a pretty good game. OVERALL 9/10

This game is epic it has ZOMBIES, TNT and ROPES. What an action packed experience. I know people have already said this but you should make a way so you can restart whenever you want because I did a bunch of silly things and I had to start the whole game over (wasn't really a problem since there were only two levels but still). I liked this game a lot though and wouldn't mind seeing it become something bigger. OVERALL 7/10

Very cool, has a very polished feel for being such a simple game. It has just the right amount of difficulty. OVERALL 8/10  (didn't know what to draw for this one lol)


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Good music (+3 points)

Bean (+3 points)

Stupid crate mechanics (I love it) (+3 points)

Was in 2nd person (some for originality) (+1 point)

Couldn't move while crouched (-2 points)

Could hop like a little bunny while crouched (+1 point)

Shift to crouch (-3 Points)

Backrooms (+1 Point)

Fire Icon and Great name (+2 points)

didn't win :(

OVERALL: 3.9/10 (basically a 4 still played the game for like 30 minutes though)